Boys Generation and Dance Battle @ Music Bank 090626

I’m sharing two performances from last Friday’s Music Bank… you should see these perfomances! wahaha

Dance Battle (Chung Lim vs AJ vs Taegoon)

These three guys are what you could call as Rain’s juniors in Kpop. Each of the guys have their own style, but the one this in common is that their songs are usually dance songs and these guys can dance (well.. may be not as good as Rain ^-^ – biased opinion sorry).  If I were to judge the guys, I would absolutely prefer AJ ahaha.. I still can’t get over Dancing Shoes! — but looking at the three of them dance, I think Aj dances more gracefully than the other two 😀 – personal opinion so don’t bash me! ahahaha

Boys Generation and Girls Generation – Gee

Remember Boys Generation from last years performances?? Last year it was just Sungmin, Shindong, Jo Kwon, Seung Ri and Tae Min. But during last Friday’s performance, there were 9 of them (minus Seung Ri though :() — new addition to the group were Yesung, Eunhyuk, Nichkhun, Jaebeom and Taecyeon. This time the boys were singing Gee! Absolutely had fun watching the performance especially when I see Jo Kwon! ahaha he really could carry the part! It was fun watching the performance especially when seeing the new additions to Boy’s Generation. Sungmin looked cute – and he still carried the part well though he was sick at that time. Hyukie did a rap part… It was fun watching the 2pm guys – can’t get enough of Taecyeon’s part! wahaha.. so unlike him! ahaha.. Must see!!!

So glad youtube has these videos! wahaha 😀

**credits CodeMonmonSeason2 and kpopluv19@youtube


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