Nobody – Wonder Girls (Full English Version)

I hope it’s ok to post this 😀

I saw this while I was lurking around youtube..

This is the official English version of Nobody by the Wondergirls! (only the audio)

It sounds nice… I could understand Yoobin’s rap parts! ehehehe The girls are really getting very popular in the US. I’re read somewhere (I just forgot the source) that they will be opening for Jonas Brother’s! You go girls! 😀

**credits itsKPop@youtube


Sungmin and Sunny sing Falling Slowly on Music Travel

I’m back!!!

I can’t believe I missed a lot of things while I was gone!!

Anyway – not so long ago I posted a song from the movie Once on this blog. And today – as my comeback post (wahahaha).. I’m posting the a a cover version of the song done by Sungmin and Sunny.. They did this last 090624 on a show called Music Travel Lalala..

I’ve watched Sungmin do a cover of the song already but without the girl’s part. This is the first time I’ve seen them do this (did they do this on their radio show before?).

As usual Sungmin plays the guitar very well and in all fairness Sunny’s voice did blend with Sungmin. Sungmin has to  make more acoustic covers!!! ahahaha.. gotta love him playing the guitar!

There are more videos from the show— ill probably post them some time 😀

**credits  pr13ansj@youtube