Stand By U PV (DBSK Version)

OMG! I can’t believe this was uploaded 2 days ago and I posted this just now!

But I have to stop whining and admit that these days I’ve really been busy and with my upcoming trip somewhere.. I know I will be missing some posts! Grr…


Anyway.. this is the DBSK version of Stand By U! I posted the drama version before.. I really enjoyed the song.. but you couldn’t see their faces in that version.. but this time — it’s all DBSK! wahaha..

I have to say that I really enjoyed this version – not because of my favorite boys but because of how the PV was made! I’m really loving their Japanese ballad songs they never fail me (and my favorite DBSK song is actually one of their Japaneses ballads – Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimatan Darou?)! It’s a sad song with a nice tune!

The single will be released July 1!

**credits abareusagi@youtube


Big Bang’s new single soon!

VIP’s! rejoice! I know we all missed them – I especially miss Taeyang! ahahaha.. but from what I’ve read Big Bang will be releasing a new single soon! And that soon will be on July 8!! Yipee! I can’t wait!!!


They will be releasing their new Japanese single on July 8. According to allkpop, the single will have two versions and hree tracks each with the following tracklist:

1. Gara Gara GO!
2. Top Of The World
3. Stylish

1. Gara Gara GO!
2. Top Of The World
3. So Beautiful

I’m so psyched about this! ahaha I missing these boys also! wahahah

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Siwon and Donghae will be in Ariel Lin’s new video

According to allkpop, Ariel Lin has invited Siwon and Donghae to be part of her new MV.

For those who do not know her, Ariel Lin is a Taiwanese actress and singer who is famous for her role as Xiang Qin in It Started with a Kiss (where she stars with Joe Cheng). Ariel Lin is one of those Taiwanese actresses that I really like — not because she’s just another pretty face but because she can act! I’ve seen her play the roles of one of the stupidest girls in a drama (Xiang Qin) to a tomboyish girl in Love Contract (With Mike He) and to a princess in Love of the Condor Hereos. And she can sing to — her song Lonely Northern Hemisphere (OST Love Contract) is one of my favorite Mandopop songs.

This is an excerpt from the article posted on allkpop:

Ariel Lin, a Taiwanese artist, has invited Lee Donghae and Choi Siwon of Super Junior to be part of her new music video. The collaboration between them has been on the hush hush due to the confidentiality agreement of the contract.

One of the parting scenes were shot at Taiwan’s Ilan Ta Shee Station. As the filming progressed after many takes and cuts, the tense barriers were broken and the chemistry clicked in immediately. While Ariel was doing her make up, Donghae even playfully helped fix her hair.

I found these pics:

with ariel lin


I can’t wait to watch the MV and to hear the song.. I hope this song is as good as Lonely Northern Hemisphere 😀

**credits, losecontrool@asianfanatics


Super Junior Goodbye Stage @ Inkigayo 090621

It’s impossible for me not to post this ^-^. Though I was very busy today, I had to find the time to post this! — Especially because I couldn’t post anything next week.. so I’m spamming!

So today is the officially the last performance of Neorago and Sorry Sorry in the usual kpop shows. Like I said in the other post, the boys have been promoting for 3 months now.

I will be missing them!

I really want to watch this!


**credits CodeMonmonSeason3@youtube


DBSK in Music Fair 090620

I miss my boys! Since they were in Japan, most videos we have of them are the fancams from concerts. But this time as I checking on updates  in allkop, I saw some videos of the boys!

DBSK recently performed in Music Fair… And I’m reposting their performance here! 😀

Stand By U


Share the World

My Destiny

I miss my boys.. and this is the first time I heard them sing Stand By You live! According to the article, the single will be released on July 1. I miss seeing them guys! ahaha. Micky’s doushite hair is back! ahaha… Junsu looks soo cute! His hair is longer now… miss hearing his voice! And he’s dancing!!! weee

**credits YoDubu1@youtube and and as tagged in the video


It’s You + Sorry Sorry (Good Bye Stage) @ Music Bank

I was sad when I knew about the news last week…

Unfortunately Super Junior has to end their promotions for their third album as it has been three months since they started promoting it.

I wasn’t able to watch their performance yesterday on Music Bank and I couldn’t post the video earlier as things are really busy for me this weekend… because we are preparing for a vacation… And next week I couldn’t post anything on this blog — so gomenasai… I’ll be back by back by next week probably..

But I’m posting the video from yesterday’s performance.. I missed it.. sigh but thank god for youtube! 😀

The guys were wearing suits this time.. Unlike their usual Neorago outfits… it’s because they also performed Sorry Sorry..  They looked soooo gorgeous! wahaha.. In the last part of the video there was a banner raised.. and according to SugarUmma@youtube, the banner says..

I love you, thank you, we’ll remember you.

Cry a lot when you are watching it!

I swear I’m gonna miss the boys.. but then again they will be busy preparing for the Super Show concert.. I wish I could go… I’m definitely in the wrong country! sigh…

**credits SugarUmma@youtube