Sparkling Korea Ad Version 2 and Infinitely Your Seoul Ads

Why didn’t I see this ad! grrrr… I’m really missing on a lot of things lately and I haven’t been up to date with a lot of stuffs… sigh.. and I haven’t updated my blog that much!

I honestly did not see this ad not until I was browsing over some videos uploaded by DBSKnightsBlog4. It’s the second version of Sparkling Korea Ad. And it makes me want to go there yet again!

I would gladly have Xiah Junsu accompany me to the salon anytime.. and it would be a plus if all DBSK members are there. I would not hesitate to dance with Choi Siwon in a club! I’d go crazy if that happens.

I found more ads, this time for Infinitely Yours, Seoul…

English Ad – DBSK, Suju, SNSD

DBSK on the Roof doing the leaf effect… SNSD on display like the one they did on their Gee video.. and SUJU doing the lights — more like plugging the lights.. I want to go to Seoul now! ahahaha

Japanese Ad – with DBSK

The girl in the coffee shop is looking at a magazine.. and on the upper left corner of the screen there is a pic of DBSK.. ahaha.. DBSK is featured in the ad.. and they are dancing Mirotic! I want to go there now!

Chinese Ad – With Suju

I’d definitely dance with Siwon and the rest of the Suju members anytime.. I can see Yesung, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Shindong and Leeteuk.

Chinese Ad – With DBSK

DBSK as hairdressers?!?! Ahaha… but they looked so cute.. who wouldn’t want them to be your hairdresser! ahahaa

I want to go there now! ahahaha

**credits  DBSKnightsBlog4 and seouldreamseries@youtube


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