Neorago Performances 090605 and 090606

My goal today is to post lots of stuff on my blog! I hope.. ahaha It’s been five days since my last post… grrrr…

So today Super Junior was the artist featured on Channel V’s Videoscope after winning the Battle of the Pops Asia challenge. Video’s of Super Junior was shown including the Miracle and Twins (Knockout) — back when they were still 12 members. The group also gave a message to of thanks to all of their fans who have supported and voted for them.

In their thank you message, I’m guessing they shot it on the day when they first performed Neorago — because of their costume and of Kangin’s hair :D. I was hoping to see the Neorago video on the segment, however they did not show it.. sigh… and because I’m still Neorago hungry (I just sooo love the song!), I’m posting another performance… this one was done 090605.

I love the cream and pink outfits! Specially liked Kyuhyun, Sungmin and Donghae’s outfits. Yesung’s hair color is kind of new… I mean… I think that wasn’t the color he had last week.. it’s orange (or some shade of orange).. but still he looked good. I still can’t get over Hyukie’s chest popping movements!!! It still has a strong effect on me everytime! I still want more Neorago and chest popping movements!!!!

This performance was done today. I missed this earlier.. since I had to go somewhere… But thank god for youtube!

According to the note done by  SugarUmma, Hankyung is in China so he wasn’t there… so Siwon and Eunhyuk took his parts.. Unfortunately, Eunhyuk’s mic wasn’t working properly… Aw so sad. They had gray and white outfits this time…  Teukie smiled! ahaha but not enough focus on the chest popping movements.. sigh! 😀

**credits saintverdy and SugarUmma@youtube


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