Inkigayo Performances 090531

It’s a Sunday… and Inkigayo was aired earlier today… I was watching the show on TVants and I really loved the episode today!

Because of this I’m sharing 3 perormances which I really, really enjoyed!! ahahaha…

First: 2NE1’s Fire

This is the girls second performance of Fire. They debuted the song 2 weeks ago. I’m kind of biased to this group as my favorite krung krung 😀 is a member! ahahah Dara looked good and I have to say her singing dancing have really improved from her Star Circle Quest days! CL — i just love her.. i enjoy listening to the way she raps the songs… I don’t know why! ahaha.. the girls performance this week is even better than last time they were on the show.

Second Performance – 2 PM’s Again and Again Remix

I’m not much of their fan.. I still have to associate their names with their faces — except for Nichkhun! I like him so I know him ahahaha — and I think I can recognize Wooyoung.  But I enjoyed the Special Stage performance. The boys won their 3rd consecutive award (the third was last week, but since the show did not air, they received the award today) thus they were not part of the Take 7. I was not really a fan of the song… a friend of mine always persuaded me to listen to the song… but I never had the chance to listen to it — i mean really listen to it — until yesterday. And now I understand why my friend likes it so much… because it’s nice to listen to it Again and Again and Again and Again 😀

Third Performance – Super Junior’s Neorago

I’m basically watching Inkigayo because of their Neorago performance! ahaha.. Call me Neorago hungry but I feel like I was deprived last week!  ^-^ And the performance was way way better than last week. I love their costumes! They looked really good in white! Then during their infamous chest popping movement dance… Hyukie.. I’m speechless! Hyukie’s trying to kill me again! ahahaha 😀 Oh oh only for you oh oh only for you! And I super love Yesung adlibs… this time he kneels yet again during the scream part… I’m really like his voice.. Though they didn’t win the award this week (it was SG wannabe who won), I still love watching that song.. I can’t wait for more Neorago.. wish it were Friday tomorrow!

** credits  pr13ansj, saintverdy and LOCABUZZ@youtube


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