It’s You Performance 090530

Last week there wasn’t any performance by Super Junior on the shows, except for Music Bank. That was because of events that happened in Korea so some of the shows have been pre-empted (a Korean ex-president died and so they cancelled some entertainment shows). Because of that, we were deprived of It’s You performances!

Yesterday, there was no Music Bank performance also, but today… I’m glad Music Core was broadcasted! Though the performance of the group was pre-recorded last week, it was still worth watching… The performance was their first on Music Core and their third performance!

The outfits of the boys this time was slightly different from last time. Hankyung wearing glasses… I love that outfit on him! No apple hair for Teukie. Siwonnie.. yum! ahaha.. look at his arms! Love Kyu’s gloves! Ryeowooks outfit kind of reminds me of what he wore when they performed Why I like You.. but still he looked good. Kang-in’s hair looks better now! ahahaha.. Sungmin looks handsome with his hair… it looks good on him (but I know some of you still miss the hairflips — either way he still looks good!). Hyukie still has the chest popping movements and the jacket effect! Love the only for you dance with Donghae, Hyukie and Shindong! Heenim looks really nice with that hair! For me the highlight this time — Yesung kneeling while doing his adlib! Amazing! I really love his voice!! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s performance!

Ohh… and this is a plus.. I found this on youtube.. the quality is not that good but still worth watching. It’s the 12 Plus Ministick CF featuring Siwon, Hankyung, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun with Aum Patcharapa… all four looked cute! Especially Siwon! ahaha…

And if you’re also a fan of 2pm, watch Inkigayo tomorrow… they are the artists featured on the shows Special stage..

**credits GemieSJ and lek2527@youtube


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