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OZ Generation Song Version CF

It’s been a hectic weekend :D! I haven’t posted anything…  I’m also getting a little busier these days as I’m doing something now… and unfortunately I can only access the net when I’m at home… 😦

So today I finally had the chance to log in to my blog and all my other favorite sites :D. And when I was on youtube.. I found the this…

It’s the Song version of the Oz generation Cf – with the stars of the commercial (minus Kim Bum) singing the OZ Generation song. If you missed Kibum then you should see this! Ahahaha we finally hear him sing in this version! Yay!! ahaha…

And here’s a plus… the making of Kibum and Kim Bum’s Oz version

And another one :D… We Live in OZ (We Start) – Making of OZ Generation Print CF… you have to watch this to the end to see kim bum and kibum 😀

I might be able to post that much on weekdays.. I will be busy 😀 I can only post on weekends so expect my posts to be a little late than usual! hmmp 😦

** credits to wondersmurf@youtube for all the videos


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