Hyun Bin’s Laneige Homme CF

I finally found some news about Hyun Bin!

I sooo love this guy eversince I saw him on My Name is Kim Sam Soon and A Millionaire’s First Love. I couldn’t help but post this! And I’m granting GG her wish too ^-^!

Hyun Bin is the new face of Laneige Homme (라네즈 옴므) particularly for the sunblock lotion. According to the article I read, this commercial was shot on the roof-top of a building in Gangnam, Seoul. The purpose is to show off Seoul’s cosmopolitan skyline.

I still can’t get over his new look on his Outback commercials. And now this! He looks sooo young with his short hair — and still handsome! ahahaha

**credits kpopped + ★Shira@asianfanatics + kishisou@youtube