Neorago @ Inkigayo GIFs 2

I’m really spamming on Neorago stuff… ahahaha… haven’t gotten over their performance earlier.

This is another set of GIFs from today’s performance… some of the goodies I found in soompi 😀







** credits icecubes@soompi + mulkkogi @ LJ


2NE1 debut @ Inkigayo 090517

I’m posting this before I forget.. ahaha.. I’m still stuck on my Sunior Junior fever from their Neorago performance.

But aside from them performing earlier, the YG girl group 2NE1 has made their first performance on a music show also today. And the girls did show what they got!

Sandara — oops.. she’s Dara now looked good in the performance and I think she dances better now. I don’t know if you’ll agree with me but I’m liking CL… ahaha I like the way she raps… this song is really catchy.. 2ne1.. you better ring the alarm.. ahaha.. For their first performance on stage, I have to say that this was a successful one… Let’s see if they can maintain that in their coming performances 😀

** credits saintverdy@youtube


Neorago @ Inkigayo GIFs

Ok so I’m still not over Super Junior’s performance in Inkigayo today! ahahaha..

I was hanging around the Suju’s soompi thread for any goodies from today’s performane and there were indeed goodies… and I’m sharing it! ahahaha… there were GIF’s posted and these are some of them..


eunhyuk neorago3


heenim neorago


hankyung neorago


leeteuk neorago

Sungmin (new hair!)

sungmin neorago

I soo love their performance!

** credits  icecubes and 16candl3s@soompi (suju 3rd thread) + mulkkogi @ LJ + sj-market & as tagged


Super Junior Neorago @ SBS Inkigayo 090517

It’s the 17th and today is Super Junior’s first peformance of their new single Neorago. I watched it on tvants and I have to say that I died after watching the video (lol!) 😀

I absolutely loved this performance! The boys never cease to amaze me! ahaha the concept was something new and was different from that of Sorry Sorry.. It was refreshing. Still missing Kibum though 😦

I love their new outfits! Its different from the suits they wore in Sorry Sorry.. all of them looked great. Loved Hankyung’s outfit! ahahaha Sungmin hair is shorter than before… so there’s no flip movements of the hair like that in the video. Kangin’s hair died gray… I will need to get used to this hair! Teukie’s apple hair is back! ahaha he did a ponytail of his hair on the video. Heenim.. your hair’s back! ahahaha.  Siwonnie looked so cute! And Yesung’s adlibs…

But I have to say though this was Eunhyuk’s stage! Waaa… I still can’t get over him showing some skin with the jacket movement! Soooo hot.. Love Hyukie’s part! I died when I saw that part! I loved the popping chest movement! Oh oh only for you! waaa…

I can’t wait for more performances!

**credits saintverdy@youtube