Predebut video – Xiah, Sungmin and Eunhyuk

I saw one video before of Xiah Junsu singing before his debut on a show that Kangta and Hee Jun (both H.O.T) were part of. Eunhyuk was also part of that show as well as Sungmin. That was like about 4 months ago. I tried to look for any videos of that show but I couldn’t find one then.

And today while browsing through the related videos in youtube, I found videos posted which featured the show.. and luckily it had subs!!! For someone who wasn’t addicted at that time, and for someone who is not living in Korea, I mostly rely on youtube for these kind of videos.. (and I need subs for me to understand them).

If you’re not sure what Im blabbering about, this show is actually a battle between pop and rock… Kangta training the pop boys, while Hee Jun trains the rock counterpart. Xiah, Sungmin and Eunhyuk are part of Kangta’s group, while Jay from Trax is one of the members in Hee Jun’s group. This is the first part…

This show was I think released in 2002.. In the video the guys introduce themselves.. they were cute back then and they still are cute now… oh let me correct that — handsome I think is the appropriate word :D. The guest makes fun of Eunhyuk’s name (his real name is Lee Hyuk Jae, similar to a comedian in Korea)… telling that the first thing he needs to do when he makes it big is to change his name! ahahaha… Eunhyuk and Sungmin dance in the video (gotta love Hyukie’s hair!). And Xiah is sings in the video… I really love his voice.. even at that time.. he had a nice voice 😀

Part 2 of this episodecan be seen here.

** credits justANYOTHERazn@youtube and kpop dot bww2 dot com


Neorago 너라고 (Super Junior) drama version MV

I just got home (we’ll about 15 minutes ago :D)… I was out watching Angels and Demons and I have to say it’s a must see movie! (I enjoyed it compared to the Da Vinci code movie version — but I think I’m a bit biased as I preferred Angels and Demons [book] over the Da Vinci code)…

So anyway I got home and the first thing I checked is the drama version of Super Junior’s Neorago (It’s You MV). And youtube as always has the video! 😀 So as promised I’m posting it!

In this version, the boys do not dance.. but it’s more of like a focus on them while they are singing. Unfortunately though for Kibum, he does not sing a part in the song 😦 but he still is in the MV! He was the first member to appear in the screen… I wonder if he will be in the Inkigayo performance… I hope he will be! And I can’t just help but be excited thinking about the performance on Sunday (May 17 – don’t miss it! make sure you have tvants!). Everyone of the members has their own time grazing the screen. I love Siwon’s cuts! he really acted with his telephone concept… Hankyung also looks sooo good in this MV! All of the boys do! ahahaha.. and for Wookie fans, you get to see hiom throw the bouquet! (it was cut in the other official MV).

I also found a subbed version of this mv.. wondersmurf posted it here.

Absolutely can’t wait for Sunday!

**credits GemieSJ and wondersmurf@youtube