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DBSK Seolreim CF 090513

I’m going crazy!  ahahaha… the new CF of DBSK is finally out!!!

Since they have been very busy with their Japan activities… I don’t see them that much (because of the copyright stuff). But this time the guys are back with a new CF!

I think about a week ago they shot this CF… but I didn’t post any fancams coz I was waiting for the CF!

CF starts with Micky singing a song on the rooftop while holding the product. I really prefer his hair now.. Then Xiah and Uknow appears… I love how Xiah looks here (here I go with my bias again!). Changmin appears with a small guitar (i think its a ukelele) and Jaejoong brings an accordion. They absolutely look divine in white!!! I’m going crazy!!!! ahahaha. Its basically Micky who is the star of the CF… I hope there would be other CFs focusing on each member! ahahaha… Sooo hapy to see this!

** credit dnbn and farahmicky8@youtube



  1. they should have products with their faces on soo gonna buy that product over at assi mart..hahahaha


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