SS501 on Arirang TV

I’m posting this before I forget! I was supposed to post this yesterday (because I saw this on TV.. ehehehe) but I got caught up with some other stuff…

They boys were featured on an interview on Arirang TV. And since it’s a global channel… the feature is in English and it has subs!

Hyun Joong is getting hotter everyday! I miss these guys and it’s so good to have them back together again! ahaha… can’t wait for their next song!

** credits skypoem@youtube


Sorry Sorry on Perez TV!

I’m really posting like crazy!!! (I should be tired because today I pampered myself… but seems like I’m rejuvinated!)

Though I’m addicted to anything and everything Asian.. I always indulge myself with Hollywood gossip.. and the habit that I’ve had from over a year a ago was checking out the recent posts made by my favorite Hollywood blogger Perez Hilton!

I was checking the site today… and what caught my attention is the left part of the page.. where the Perez TV is.. and guess what the recent video was! it’s Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry! Waaah.. going crazy right now!

perez sorry sorry

This is not the first time that Perez posted a video of a Kpop artist… Nobody by the Wondergirls was posted on his blog (in fact the first time I saw this video was on Perez’ blog) as well as SNSD’s Gee.

I bet some of you know this already.. but I’m posting it nonetheless..

The boys are sure getting more popular! Kudos!!!

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Gee Versions – Yurisangja, Younha, Kwill

Gee by SNSD (Girls Generation) is I think one of the most popular songs in the Kpop scene for this year. If I’m not mistaken it won 9 awards on a music countdown show (I’m not sure what the show was but they had lots of awards… ^_^).

I know I’m not supposed to do a post like this since this is a concept a friend of mine posted on our other blog… he compiled a lot of the gee covers.. But I really can’t help it all because of seeing Yurisangja’s version (and innocent色男 you said you will never post anything about this song again… so I did the post myself).

This was performed today on KBS Sketchbook. I super heart Yurisangja.. I love their songs.. and when I saw their version I almost died! ahahaha.. it was so romantic and it was done in their usual way of singing style… waaah.. going crazy now! ahahaha..

Another version that I love is Younha’s version..

I absolutely adore this girl! I’ve ranted about it in my post about her new songs so I’m not gonna rant about it here. I’m biased when it comes to Younha.. ehehe but anyway she nailed it with her rnb version of the song on Music Travel Lalala last May 6. I loved her version!

Want to see a slightly rock version of Gee..

This was done when Younha with Kwill guested on Sweet Sorrow TenTen Club Radio Program last May 1. They did a performance of the song and when it was time to say Gee.. the Gee part sounded like a rock song! ahaha I adore both Younha and Kwill so I included it here (here I go again with my biases! ahahaha)

**credits prot0980 and 2ubD@youtube + Haruka


Sorry Sorry + Kangteuk MC @ Music Core 090509

Since I can’t usually catch Music Bank, Music Core or Inkigayo on TVants or on cable TV, I usually watch it on youtube.. However,  one of my favorite sources for the videos  CodeAnalysis has posted the last of his/her videos yesterday because the account was flagged… and will be deleted sometime… Because of this, I had to look for other sources on youtube. But anyway I found other sources.. who I hope will be staying for sometime (cross your fingers!)

So… you might be thinking why post today’s performance when for 2 months Super Junior have been performing the same song??? I’m posting it because it was unique from the other performances! ahahaha..

It was unique because the boys were on 2 stages! In previous performances they were usually on one stage.. and one group was wearing white and the other group was wearing black! I absolutely loved it. I think the version they performed today was a slight remix of the original… The boys are sooo cute!

Bonus! Kangteuk were special MCs also during today’s broadcast! Here’s the clip…

edit: oops.. sorry forgot to add the clip!

I can’t wait for the official release of their new song and the performance next week… I have to be at home definitely! ahahaha 😀

**credits  KOREAPOP10 and YoDubu1@youtube


Super Junior It’s You Illegaly Leaked

Yesterday I posted something about the new song of Super Junior (called It’s You). I supposedly posted some pics of the MV. I saw the pictures on soompi… and because it was there, without any second thoughts I posted it on my site.


The post was up for about 2 hours but I got messages from 5 ELF members asking me to remove the post since the picture was illegally leaked, and if the pictures were leaked, their friend (who uploaded the pics might lose her job). Because I didn’t want someone to lose their job I deleted the post.

This post is therefore a call to all Suju fans like me to please support them by not leaking the pictures as well as the mp3 – including the preview (be it on youtube or be it available for download). Let’s help them out…

The repackaged album will be released by May 14 and they will be performing on May 17 at Ingkigayo.. so we just have to wait a bit for song… let’s help ELF out… anyway it’s only a matter of days 😀