More Junsu from Secret Code tour

I posted yesterday that Junsu was in a wheelchair during their Secret Code concert in Japan. I found a video of him on youtube from his performance. This time he was standing (yay!) while singing Bolero. Though I miss seeing him dance its better than seeing no Xiah Junsu at all :D.

As always he sang from the heart 😀 ehehe… Also found some pictures of him in the concert.. I hope he will be feeling better during the next concert!

secret code1

secret code2

secret code3

secret code4

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It’s the 6th and the Fire MV of 2NE1 has been released.

All krung-krung fans… if you were wondering what’s up with Sandy (or Dara as she will be now called)… she, along with the other members of 2NE1 have released the MV of their debut single fire.

There are 2 versions of the MV have been released, one is the street version and another is the space version.

Found the videos with subs for both versions 😀

Street Version

Space Version

The street video’s lighting is a little dark for me.. ahaha so I prefer the Space version… probably because of the lights.. but Min Ji looks prettier in the street version…

** credits to wondersurf@youtube


Eunteuk English @ Sukira 090504

Wahahaha… I absolutely love this Super Junior Kiss the Radio! I love their crazy antics, their segments, their guests!

euntuek cute

This was shared by a friend today. A recent clip of Eunteuk speaking in English.. talking about a mobile number and some other stuff… Leeteuk asked Eunhyuk about his favorite popstar then Eunhyuk responded Beyonce…

Absolutely love Teukie’s laugh.. which spans a lot of octaves! ahahaha..

** credits: ccherjr@youtube