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Hyun Joong @ Jeju Fan Meeting 090502

I’ve been missing my weekly habit of watching out for the subbed episodes of Boys Before Flowers. After the end of the show I wasn’t able to follow any other drama (yet — though I’m thinking of watching Jun’s Smile.. but I’m sooo busy as of the moment…).

One thing I’ve been missing from that habit is watching Hyun Joong! Waaah.. absolutely adore this guy!

Another one of my favorite boys are SS501… and I’ve come to like them.. well particularly because of Hyun Joong. During the past months, most of the activities were centered on the special sub group… since both Jungmin and Hyun Joong were busy. But the guys got together last May 2 for a concert/fan meeting in Jeju…

I found a pretty clear fan cam from this event.. and this one had a focus of Hyun Joong and them singing In the Still of the Night.. And I’m posting it because its Hyun Joong! ahahaha

and fans.. please don’t comapare it to DBSK’s version… 😀

**credits to hoonfami@youtube



  1. and i will compare too..wohoooo…although, you all know to which side i am leaning…hehehehe *evil


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