Sorry Sorry Remix @ Ingkigayo 090503

Awwww.. I wasn’t able to watch this yesterday! Grrr.. I wasn’t home… I’m wondering what I will be doing if there was no youtube 😀 ehehehe.

So yesterday Super Junior was on Ingkigayo and they performed a remix version of Sorry Sorry (from what I gather they were the ones featured on the Inkigayo special stage). Had to post this.. This is a must see if you missed it yesterday!

This time the boys don’t start with the song immediately but Eunhyuk, Donghae and Sungmin do a dance first.. Loved how they do the dance.. Then after that the boys do their usual thing! Sorry  sorry sorry sorry naega naega naega naega… I’m never tired of this song!

edit: this is the last performance of Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry as next week they will be performing their new song It’s You, which will be released on May 7 (in the repackaged album)… can’t wait for the new song.. but I’m sure going to miss Sorry Sorry!

Also at yesterday’s Ingkigayo, Heechul performs (plays) the piano for Jo Sung Mo…

I don’t give much recognition to this guy.. because before at the time I started my Super Junior addiction, that was precisely the time Heenim was hot on the netizens topic because of the kiss he did with several guys… And I hated him because he kissed Siwon and Sungmin (who are my top 2 favorite Suju boys). But my views on Heenim changed eversince I watched the past Suju videos.. he’s not so bad after all.. ahahaha.. Enough with my blabber.. So in this video, Heenim basically plays the piano.. nice nice.. but I never got over him playing Hee-sica! ahaha 😀

** credits SJ3jib@youtube, Haruka@bestiz


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