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Junsu injured… on a wheelchair..

Yesterday was the start of the my favorite boys Secret Code tour in Japan — I bet for how many days they were busy practicing. Unfortunately since I am not living in Japan, I have to rely on youtube fancams to get the feel  I was looking for some fan cams on youtube and I found this fancam… with Junsu sitting on a wheelchair (they were singing Heart Mind and Soul)

Apparently, Junsu was injured before the concert (during a rehearsal)… Aw, poor Junsu…

I was doing some searching on DBSK related sites and this is what I found… a message from Junsu about the event..

Kobe! This is Junsu!

The first day of the tour and I hoped to actually look cool for everyone but i fell onto my feet during the rehearsal.

I’m sorry to worry everyone.
But soon I’ll show the undefeated and perfect Tohoshinki to everyone.

JUNJUWA ~ v (^ ◇ ^) v

He still can sing so well even on a wheelchair ^^…Aww… get well soon! And from what I gather they will probably be changing some of the choreography to adjust to Junsu’s injury..
** credits: ichigoKJJ@youtube for the video, for Junsu’s msg… All credits to
Translation: az1989@lj, DBSKnights + OneTVXQ, sharingyoochun@wordpress


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