2NE1 “Fire” (teaser)

It’s May… and this is the month that 2NE1, the new YG girl group will be launched. I’m excited about this as I will be seeing my favorite “krung-krung”. And I’m curious as well.. ahahaha

I found the teaser of the digital single which will be released on May 6. Their debut single is called FIRE.

According to kbites:

“The song was revealed on the group’s official homepage. And for the first teaser, a 20-sec long audio clip is revealed. And for everyday after this, teaser of 10 seconds longer will be revealed one by one.

The song ‘Fire’ is a fast hip hop song with a reggae feel. And the full MV will be revealed on 6th May. And the group will have their debut stage on SBS Inkigayo on 17th May.”

Can’t wait!

check out their official website for more information… as of writing, there is a 40 second preview of the song already.. 😀

** credits: kbites and gilbakk@youtube