We Start LG Telecom CF 090502

Fresh! Fresh! Fresh!

Ok so I’m doing an oveload of entries today! ahahah I can’t help it… There are a lot of post-worthy entries today!!

We’ve all been excited and we are all waiting for this commercial! I’m particularly excited because we will be seeing Kibum! I’m talking about the LG Telecom commercial.. Since it’s May 2.. the video is finally out! ahahah.. lots of thanks to SJ3jib@youtube for all the videos that she has been posting!

We live in OZ! ahahaha Kibummie.. we miss you!

I also found a CF making video… from the note on the video.. this is from the OZ generation website…

The CF includes Super Junior Kim Kibum, Lee Yeon Hee, Kim Bum, Kim Minji, Yoo Seung Ho, Choi Ara.

Edit: Kibum’s version of the making of LG Telecom Oz Generation… Kibummie.. we miss you! ahahah

** credits to SJ3jib@youtube, OZ Generation website + 13soulM@sj-market.com


Author: chipskjaa

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