We Start LG Telecom CF 090502

Fresh! Fresh! Fresh!

Ok so I’m doing an oveload of entries today! ahahah I can’t help it… There are a lot of post-worthy entries today!!

We’ve all been excited and we are all waiting for this commercial! I’m particularly excited because we will be seeing Kibum! I’m talking about the LG Telecom commercial.. Since it’s May 2.. the video is finally out! ahahah.. lots of thanks to SJ3jib@youtube for all the videos that she has been posting!

We live in OZ! ahahaha Kibummie.. we miss you!

I also found a CF making video… from the note on the video.. this is from the OZ generation website…

The CF includes Super Junior Kim Kibum, Lee Yeon Hee, Kim Bum, Kim Minji, Yoo Seung Ho, Choi Ara.

Edit: Kibum’s version of the making of LG Telecom Oz Generation… Kibummie.. we miss you! ahahah

** credits to SJ3jib@youtube, OZ Generation website + 13soulM@sj-market.com


Fancam @ Good Friend Concert 090501

As promised! ahahaha I finally found a fancam of the concert… I found one in tudou but I couldn’t post it on wordpress… but I found one on youtube! yay!! ENjoy!

– the audio’s not as nice though.. but the video is a bit clear (I mean you can recognize them) ahahaha!

i also found english subs of the section tv show that featured kibum…but ill post it in another post… 😀

** credits: xsingingxfaeriex@youtube


Super Junior @ Good Friends Concert 090501

I made a note on one of my posts last night that Super Junior was performing in the Good Friends concert. I found some pictures today on sapphirepearls.com…

All of them were there except for Kibummie.. but there’s nothing to worry about because we will be seeing him on the LG CF soon. The 12 of them performed Sorry, Sorry and Why I Like You. I can’t wait for fancams!

suju @ good friends1

suju @ goodfriends2

suju @ good friends3

suju @ good friends4

suju @ good friends5

I’m just posting some of the pictures.. for more pictures click here and here.

** credits sapphirepearls.com, sjmarket, fishere, sina and as tagged


Section TV “We Start” CF (Full Interview)

I posted the 14 seconds Kibum cut yesterday. And today I found the full interview from section TV! wohoo!!

The CF will star Kim Kibum, Lee Yeon Hee, Kim Bum, Kim Minji, Yoo Seung Ho, Choi Ara… since its May 2 today, they will probably launching the commercial (since that’s the date place on the picture I posted earlier). I can’t wait!

** credits: SJ3jib@youtube