DBSK Won Battle of the Pop – Girls vs. Boys

This post is a to say Congratulations to DBSK! They won Channel V’s Battle of the Pops Girls vs. Boys! Yay!


The last time there was battle of the pops, Super Junior won the crown… For this edition, it still between Suju and DBSK, but eventually DBSK won (not that I’m complaining — either way both of the groupsare my favorite boys!)

A friend of mine has been campaigning for DBSK fans to vote for them on Channel V… and indeed all those efforts were rewarded! 😀 And I think she’s pretty elated with the results! (She asked me to watched the results — and I did gladly — so to know who won!)

As a way of congratulating them… I’m pic spamming! I think I haven’t posted these pictures yet 😀

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Inkigayo Performances 090531

It’s a Sunday… and Inkigayo was aired earlier today… I was watching the show on TVants and I really loved the episode today!

Because of this I’m sharing 3 perormances which I really, really enjoyed!! ahahaha…

First: 2NE1’s Fire

This is the girls second performance of Fire. They debuted the song 2 weeks ago. I’m kind of biased to this group as my favorite krung krung 😀 is a member! ahahah Dara looked good and I have to say her singing dancing have really improved from her Star Circle Quest days! CL — i just love her.. i enjoy listening to the way she raps the songs… I don’t know why! ahaha.. the girls performance this week is even better than last time they were on the show.

Second Performance – 2 PM’s Again and Again Remix

I’m not much of their fan.. I still have to associate their names with their faces — except for Nichkhun! I like him so I know him ahahaha — and I think I can recognize Wooyoung.  But I enjoyed the Special Stage performance. The boys won their 3rd consecutive award (the third was last week, but since the show did not air, they received the award today) thus they were not part of the Take 7. I was not really a fan of the song… a friend of mine always persuaded me to listen to the song… but I never had the chance to listen to it — i mean really listen to it — until yesterday. And now I understand why my friend likes it so much… because it’s nice to listen to it Again and Again and Again and Again 😀

Third Performance – Super Junior’s Neorago

I’m basically watching Inkigayo because of their Neorago performance! ahaha.. Call me Neorago hungry but I feel like I was deprived last week!  ^-^ And the performance was way way better than last week. I love their costumes! They looked really good in white! Then during their infamous chest popping movement dance… Hyukie.. I’m speechless! Hyukie’s trying to kill me again! ahahaha 😀 Oh oh only for you oh oh only for you! And I super love Yesung adlibs… this time he kneels yet again during the scream part… I’m really like his voice.. Though they didn’t win the award this week (it was SG wannabe who won), I still love watching that song.. I can’t wait for more Neorago.. wish it were Friday tomorrow!

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Stand By U – Tohoshinki (DBSK)

I miss my favorite boys… these days it’s very hard to see their videos! I know I know they are a bit busy these days with all the concerts thay have in Japan.. I know they are working very hard! ahaha

But I was sooo glad to see this! I was snooping around soompi when I found out that the Drama Version PV of Stand By You is now out! Weee! So happy! ^-^

I’m posting the video as well as the lyrics… The boys don’t appear in the video but it was nice to hear their voices again!!! This song is a little sad and so is the PV. I’ll not be telling the story… just that I love how the PV ended (it’s a sad on though)…

Stand By U MV

Stand By U Romanization

JJ: Kimi ga sayonara wo tsugezuni dete itta ano hi kara
Kono machi no keshiki ya midori ga kawatta ki ga suru yo
YH: Kimi no subete ni naritai to kawashita yakusoku mo
Hatasarenai mama omoide ni kawatte shimau

CM: Hitori kiri de kimi ga naita ano toki
Sugu ni tonde ikeba ima mo mada kimi wa boku no yoko ni ite kureta
YC: Dekiru naraba mou ichido iitakatta daisuki tte
Kimi he no omoi wo afure dashita kotoba wa mou ima wa todokana

JJ: Kimi wa doko ni ite? Dare to doko ni ite? Donna fuku o kite? Nani shite waratterun darou?
JS: Boku wa koko ni ite. Ima mo koko ni ite. Kimi to futari de mata aeru to shinjiteiru yo

YH: Kawarazu omotte iru yo
YC: Kimi dake omotteiru yo

YH: Musun da kami no ushirosugata ni kimi o kasanete furikaeru […] dare ka ni […] shita
CM: Chakushin ga atta kimi no namae kitai shitari
Kakkowarui mainichi bakari sugite iku yo

JJ: Wasurerarenai […] Hontou wa wasuretakunai dake […] nai
JS: Kimi ga inakya nani ni mo kanjinai shiawase tte
Dou ganbatte mite mo koboreochita namida wa sugu ni tomaranai

YC: Kimi wa doko ni ite? Dare to doko ni ite? Donna fuku wo kite? Nani shite waratterun darou?
JJ: Boku wa koko ni ite. Ima mo koko ni ite. Kimi to futari de mata aeru to shinjiteiru yo

YH: […] Ima koushite boku wa mata hitori kiri de […] n deru
CM: Kore ijou setsunasa wo dakishimete ikeru wake nado nai yo
Demo sore shika nai n dayo

JJ: Kimi ga iru dake de kagayaite mieta ano koro wa nido to modotte wa konai kedo
JS: Nani ga okotte mo nani wo ushinatte mo kimi wo aishita koto kesshite wasuretakunai

YC: Kimi ga doko ni ite, dare to doko ni ite, donna yume wo mite, nani shite waratteite mo
JJ: Zutto koko ni ite, ima mo koko ni ite, kimi to itsu no hi ni ka aeru to shinjiteiru yo

YH: Kawarazu omotteiru yo
YC: Kimi dake omotteiru yo
JS: Kawarazu omotteiru yo
JJ: Kimi dake omotteiru yo

Stand By U Translation

The day you left without the words of leaving
This road’s scenery and scent seems as if it was changed
The promises we exchanged because I want to be your everything
It was never kept and changes into memories

That time when you were crying alone, if I ran straight to you
Would you still have been by my side?
If I could, I want to say it one more time, that I really like you
My heart’s desire for you and my words can’t reach you anymore

I wonder where and who you are with
What clothes you are wearing, and what you would be laughing about
I’m here and still here
believing that both of you will meet again

I was thinking without change
Thinking only about you

When you bring me to my mind of your back side with your hair tied
I misunderstood that person over and over again, who looked back
Everytime my phone rang I prayed that it was your name
and lived liked that each day like a wretch

I said I’d forget you but that was a lie, the truth was I simply didnt want to forget you
If behaving as if I didn’t care was me, I don’t need that anymore
A happiness that couldn’t be felt when you’re not here
No matter how I try I can’t easily stop the tears flowing

I wonder where and who you are with
What clothes you are wearing, and what you would be laughing about
I’m here and still here
believing that both of you will meet again

That’s why I’m calling your name by myself
I don’t think I can accept this mournful heart
But there’s no way’s anymore besides that way

You shined even when you were just here
But those times will never come back again
Even if there is a problem, even if I lose something
I never want to forget that I loved you

I wonder where and who you are with
What clothes you are wearing, and what you would be laughing about
I’m here and still here
believing that both of you will meet again

I was thinking without change
Thinking only about you
I was thinking without change
Thinking only about you

Stand By U Kanji

君がさよならを告げずに 出て行ったあの日から
この街の景色や匂いが 変わった気がするよ
君のすべてになりたくて 交わした約束も
果たされないまま 思い出に変わってしまう

ひとりきりで君が泣いたあの時 すぐに飛んで行けば
今もまだ君は 僕の横にいてくれた?
できるならばもう一度言いたかった 大好きって
君への思いを溢れ出した言葉も 今は届かない

君はどこにいて 誰とどこにいて
どんな服を着て 何して笑ってるんだろう
僕はここにいて 今もここにいて


結んだ髪の後ろ姿に 君を重ねて
振り返る知らぬ誰かに 何度も勘違いした
着信があるたび 君の名前を期待したり

忘れないは言って嘘で 本当は忘れたくないだけ
強がりが僕らしさならば もういらない
君がいなきゃ 何にも感じない幸せって
どう頑張ってみても零れ落ちた涙は すぐに止まらない

君はどこにいて 誰とどこにいて
どんな服を着て 何して笑ってるんだろう
僕はここにいて 今もここにいて

だから今こうして 僕はまたひとり 君の名前呼んでる

君がいるだけで 輝いて見えた
あの頃は 二度と戻ってはこないけど
何が起こっても 何を失っても
君を愛したこと 決して忘れたくない

君がどこにいて 誰とどこにいて
どんな夢を見て 何して笑っていても
ずっとここにいて 今もここにいて
君といつの日か 逢えると信じているよ


DBSK Pic Spamming! – I’m spamming their pictures too! ahahah 😀

my favorite pic for this post! ahahaha Xiah’s super cute!

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Shuang Ren Wu – Wilber Pan

I’m posting this because it’s Wilber Pan! ahahaha.. I’ve read somewhere that he’s album is currently number one on the charts for the Mandarin albums.

This video is his new song from his new album called 007. The song features Korean actress Lee Da Hae in the video. If you noticed he speaks perfect English in the song! ahaha He actually grew up in the States and went to Taiwan to be an VJ before he became a recording artist. I liked Will Pan since I heard Bu De Bu Ai.. I even watched his first drama… Miss No Good.. I remember waiting for the subs to be released everyweek! Ahaha..

wilber pan and lee da hae

I didn’t post the lyrics as I only found the translation as well as the Chinese lyrics… But I liked the beat of the song so I’m posting it. and besides.. its Wilber Pan!

If you would like to take a look at the lyrics click on this link

**credits thenotebookscene@youtube and jpopasia


It’s You Performance 090530

Last week there wasn’t any performance by Super Junior on the shows, except for Music Bank. That was because of events that happened in Korea so some of the shows have been pre-empted (a Korean ex-president died and so they cancelled some entertainment shows). Because of that, we were deprived of It’s You performances!

Yesterday, there was no Music Bank performance also, but today… I’m glad Music Core was broadcasted! Though the performance of the group was pre-recorded last week, it was still worth watching… The performance was their first on Music Core and their third performance!

The outfits of the boys this time was slightly different from last time. Hankyung wearing glasses… I love that outfit on him! No apple hair for Teukie. Siwonnie.. yum! ahaha.. look at his arms! Love Kyu’s gloves! Ryeowooks outfit kind of reminds me of what he wore when they performed Why I like You.. but still he looked good. Kang-in’s hair looks better now! ahahaha.. Sungmin looks handsome with his hair… it looks good on him (but I know some of you still miss the hairflips — either way he still looks good!). Hyukie still has the chest popping movements and the jacket effect! Love the only for you dance with Donghae, Hyukie and Shindong! Heenim looks really nice with that hair! For me the highlight this time — Yesung kneeling while doing his adlib! Amazing! I really love his voice!! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s performance!

Ohh… and this is a plus.. I found this on youtube.. the quality is not that good but still worth watching. It’s the 12 Plus Ministick CF featuring Siwon, Hankyung, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun with Aum Patcharapa… all four looked cute! Especially Siwon! ahaha…

And if you’re also a fan of 2pm, watch Inkigayo tomorrow… they are the artists featured on the shows Special stage..

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Kim Bum Singing (random post)

This was actually posted by a friend on our other blog.. and I decided to copy the video posted! hahahaha 😀

Missing Kim Bum?? Have you heard and seen him sing??? If not you should watch this video! ahahaha the video I’m posting is a fancam when the F4 cast visited Japan (i think). Adorable! ahahaha

Posting random photo’s of Kim Bum too… some of which are from the OZ CF photos :D.


I’m just making a random post so there would be something to read on my blog! ahahaha

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My Heaven – Big Bang

Weee… Big Bang is back! ahahaha 😀

I haven’t posted anything about these guys… I think thing I posted about them was the Lollipop MV. But they are back… the guys have been resting for about a month (I think). I remember reading that it was their first vacation since their debut. After that month long rest, the boys are back with a single.. a Japanese single called My Heaven. Somone posted the MV on youtube and I’m posting it here too!

The guys look real good in the MV. I miss them suddenly! ahahaha… Tae Yang looks really good. I like T.O.P’s new look. G dragon’s hair – I can’t say I like it but I think he carried the hair well…

update… couldn’t find the complete lyrics yet.. but i found some from jpopasia and soompi. (click on the links to check the lyrics).. i suggest to just check it once in awhile to see if the complete lyrics have been added…

**credits to jaeuraznMV@youtube and Reina T.@asianfanatics


OZ Generation Song Version CF

It’s been a hectic weekend :D! I haven’t posted anything…  I’m also getting a little busier these days as I’m doing something now… and unfortunately I can only access the net when I’m at home… 😦

So today I finally had the chance to log in to my blog and all my other favorite sites :D. And when I was on youtube.. I found the this…

It’s the Song version of the Oz generation Cf – with the stars of the commercial (minus Kim Bum) singing the OZ Generation song. If you missed Kibum then you should see this! Ahahaha we finally hear him sing in this version! Yay!! ahaha…

And here’s a plus… the making of Kibum and Kim Bum’s Oz version

And another one :D… We Live in OZ (We Start) – Making of OZ Generation Print CF… you have to watch this to the end to see kim bum and kibum 😀

I might be able to post that much on weekdays.. I will be busy 😀 I can only post on weekends so expect my posts to be a little late than usual! hmmp 😦

** credits to wondersmurf@youtube for all the videos


Neorago Performance @ Music Bank 090522

It’s the weekend again and there are will be lots of things to post! ahahaha if I have the time! 😀

version c

It was the first performance of Neorago (Super Junior) at Music Bank today… and the song won number one!!! Yay! So happy for them! This song is soooo amazing!

Neorago Performance

Neorago Wins Number 1

I can’t help but post the performance today.. I wasn’t planning on posting it… but Suju winning number one… I had to do it! ahaha 🙂 Must be Hyukie’s chest popping movements! You gotta love it!

**credits GemieSJ@youtube


Hyun Bin’s Laneige Homme CF

I finally found some news about Hyun Bin!

I sooo love this guy eversince I saw him on My Name is Kim Sam Soon and A Millionaire’s First Love. I couldn’t help but post this! And I’m granting GG her wish too ^-^!

Hyun Bin is the new face of Laneige Homme (라네즈 옴므) particularly for the sunblock lotion. According to the article I read, this commercial was shot on the roof-top of a building in Gangnam, Seoul. The purpose is to show off Seoul’s cosmopolitan skyline.

I still can’t get over his new look on his Outback commercials. And now this! He looks sooo young with his short hair — and still handsome! ahahaha

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