Elf Singing Marry U to Suju

I actually don’t know what to post… ahahaha… That’s my dilemna for the past 2 days, hence I did not make any post (aside from the fact that I’ve been busy yet again these days..).

After thinking what to post to the blog I suddenly remembered watching this video on youtube before. I sent this to a couple of friends and they felt touched by the video. I too was amazed by the video.

For Suju fans, I’m sure you might have seen this video as this was one of those cuts from their Super Show Concert. It’s the cut where ELF gives some love to Super Junior.

It’s usual for fans to have chants or sing their songs during concerts or live performances. Like in for Sorry Sorry, during the end you will hear ELF fans say — Sorry, Sorry, Super Junior. However from this performances, instead of the boys entertaining their fans, it was their fans who showed some love to them by singing the whole Marry U song. While the fans were singing, the boys were crying and touched from the love given by the fans. It was heartwarming to see this. The tears of joy seeing that their fans supported them. And we do love this boys don’t we!!

Sigh… I wish I could see one of their concerts!!!

**credits to Chuliekat@youtube for the video