Solbi Comeback @ Mnet Countdown 160409

We got married is one of the shows that I am an avid fan of (I still try my best to be updated with the episodes as much as I can — though no more Hyun Joong but Kangin is there :D). One of my favorite couples is the Ansol couple (Andy and Solbi). Though they left in the 28th episode, I still miss them!

It was through that show that I learned about Solbi and the group she was a part of before, Typhoon. I really loved Typhoons songs, especially when Solbi is singing them (not that I don’t like their new singer, it’s just that Solbi’s voice wonderful). However, Solbi went solo. After leaving Typhoon, Solbi had some solo songs already and I think she had a collaboration with Shinji.


Since I like her, I sometimes check the internet for news about her. I was also amazed at how good she looked now. I didn’t even recognize her in last week’s (or was it the other week) Star King (she guested with Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Leeteuk). She’s gotten prettier!

I was glad to have found out that she recently made a comeback on Mnet countdown with a ballad song. I’m not sure what the title of the song is but if I’m not mistaken its Will be Punished (but just in case this is the Hangul – 벌 받을 거야 – if you know the title leave a comment please). It’s nice to hear her sing again.. and I can’t wait for the music video!. But for now I’m posting the live performance…

Solbi hwaiting! 😀

** credits jaeuraznLive@youtube for the video


Author: chipskjaa

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