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DBSK@Sparkling Concert 120409

I’ve been missing my favorite boys…

But luckily, and if I might add thanks to yuulinajoongie and DBSKnights33@youtube I’m not missing them anymore. Apparently the boys were one of the guests for the Sparkling concert that happened a few hours ago (I think, coz that’s the date that was posted on youtube). Ahh… what would I do about youtube?!?!?!

A friend of mine is currently somewhere in the world where she can’t access youtube. Though there still are other sites… but nothing beats youtube (that’s free advertising for them.. nyahaha)!!!

So what I’m posting now are some fan cam versions of their performances…

Mirotic Performance

Waaah… Junsu… breaking my rules again! wahaha I love the part where he changes the tune… as usual you can hear the fans screaming in the background.. that happens everytime he does that. I’m never tire of it ^^

Wrong Number Performance

They really look good with their white suits… ahh.. never get tired of hearing this song..

Purple Line Performance

I think this is the opening song they did for that… but then again I’m not sure… ehehehe just deducing from what I see

** credits  yuulinajoongie and DBSKnights33@youtube, dnbn and as tagged


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