Jo In Sung enlists for the military

Today is the day we say goodbye to Jo In Sung as he leaves for the military.

I’m sure if you’re a fan of most Korean stuff you would be familiar with male stars leaving showbusinesses for 2 years — and Jo In Sung is one of them.

This was posted on dramabeans:

Another 28-year-old actor (or, in this case, he’s a few months shy of 28) — who’s been hyping up his army departure for months, with a “last movie” (Frozen Flower), a “last fanmeeting” (in Japan), and a “last photo shoot” (for a clothing ad campaign) — finally heads off to complete his roughly two-year service in the military.

Jo In-sung enlisted on April 6, sent off with the requisite camera crew and crowd of about 200 fans.

Jo had originally received his papers last November and planned to enlist in January, but then pushed the day back in order to complete promo activities for his last film, Frozen Flower.

He debuted in 1998 as a CF model, then rose to fame after roles on the MBC Nonstop campus sitcom, dramas like What Happened in Bali and Spring Days, and movies like A Dirty Carnival.

He’ll serve for 25 months as part of a special performers’ unit (military band) in the air force.

Some photos:

jo in sung goes to the army

jo in sung goes to the army2

jo in sung goes to the army3

jo in sung goes to the army4


Aww.. its official… he finally enlisted.. no more Jo In Sung for 2 years 😦

I’m sure fans will be waiting for his comeback! But good luck to him in the army… Jo In Su hwaiting! 😀

** credits to dramabeans and e dailyfor the article and credits as tagged for the photos


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  1. Well, at least I get to see him with short hair again. I missed his hair from Nonstop. That long gross “styled” hair he had for a while was not a good luck. Good luck in the army!


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