Why isn’t Kibum in recent Suju performances?

Since Super Junior has launched their 3rd album after a 1 year and a half hiatus, I’ve been watching and waiting for their performances. I can’t help but be addicted to Sorry Sorry.

However, during the live performances,  1 Super Junior member seems to be missing. And that member is Kibum. Actually it used to be 2 of them who aren’t dancing – Heechul and Kibum. During the first few appearances, it was said that Heechul wasn’t dancing because of a leg injury and Kibum had to learn the dance as he went to the States since his mom was sick.

But in recent guestings, Kibum was not there… and then I found this news posted by D O L C E on Asianfanatics:

Super Junior’s member Kim Kibum didnt attend SJ’s 3rd album’s activities has been a big question for all the fans. Super Junior’s management company said that Kim Kibum will focus on his acting field so from now on, he’ll restrain singing/performing.

Kim Kibum’s absence in music field has made a lot of questions, the fans’ curiousity has been increased more because the other members of Super Junior didnt talk much about Kibum’s absence. There is even rumour of Kim Kibum satyed at his parents’ house abroad.

But Super Junior’s management company – SM Entertainment said “Since Kim Kibum’s parents live in USA so he had to keep going between USA and Korea but now they are in Korea* ” and “Kim Kibum did attend 3rd album’s recording and music video filming”, “Kim Kibum are preparing for his acting career. Bacuse he wants to show everybody that he’s good actor so he’ll restrain performing”

** credits: sj-market.com, translation by: evanesco@sj-world.net, posted by D O L C E@asianfanatics

So I guess that answer’s why he isn’t in the performances… But he was there at the event where Suju was in Thailand.. and here are some pictures for those who miss him…

suju in bangkok

eunhyuk and kibum

eunhyuk, kibum, heechul

kibum solo1

kibum and yesung

super junior complete

** credits to http://www.pingbook.com for the pics


Author: chipskjaa

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3 thoughts

  1. OMG how cool would it have been if kibum was in F4?!?! i can see him playing so-ee-jung??

    anyway.. hmm i think thats stupid. if he’s not gonna attend performances and stuff, why even call yourself suju? suju is 13 !!!!!!!!

    why cant he juggle acting and singing like the rest of them? siwon, heenim and kangin especially. they do it very well. and heaps of others in the kpop industry are established actors as well as performers.

    i say BOO that sux


    1. there might be another reason… something we don’t know yet…
      but we do miss him terribly!
      and we wish he was back!


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