Super Junior @ Star King 090328

I was meant to post this yesterday, but since I didn’t get much sleep the other night (more like no sleep at all) I wasn’t able to do it. So I’m posting this now.

My second favorite boys (yes, they come after DBSK) were on Star King yesterday (090328). And as usual it was fun to watch them. Unfortunately, Kibum is still not there. But Siwon, Sungmin and Donghae were there!! ahahaha

I’m posting 3 video cuts: Donghae’s magic trick, Sungmin’s magic trick and the traditional music cut (where Siwon was featured!)

Donghae’s magic trick

It was fun to watch this magic trick! Though I think I know how Donghae did it, it was fun to see the Super Junior members amazed to see the magic trick. Donghae looked so cute doing the trick.. 3rd fave suju member! ๐Ÿ˜€

Sungmin’s magic trick

My second favorite Super Junior member is Sungmin. And I have to say he looked really good woing this magic trick! It would make Donghae’s trick.. well simple (sorry Donghae fans, I love him too but this trick is way better!). Upto now I’m still confused how this was done (unless of course this was a prerecorded trick –blame the masked magician for letting me think this way… ehehe). Sungmin looked so sexy, and the boys were very jealous of what he did (except for the last part). Siwon’s expressions is again so priceless!!!

Traditional Music Cut

I love these girls! I just forgot what their name was (sorry, but if you know their name please leave a comment). It’s nice to hear them play. Siwon and Leeteuk were featured in this cut (and Kangin and Eunhyuk). It was funny to watch Leetuek blush! And Siwon was sooooo cute! I love his smile! waaaaa…

update!!! Sungmin’s Magic Trick + Star King’s Love Letter version

This video has Sungmin’s magic trick plus Star King’s version of Love Letter (when the girl chooses the guy she likes). Anyway this is very funny. The host played a trick on Hangeng and Kyuhyun. ahahaha

So fun to watch them!

** credits to majimeboy, SoopieSan and GemieSJ@youtube for the videos


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