Bao Hu Se – Su Yi Cheng

Today, I was sitting infront of my computer wondering what playlist will I be playing. Recently I became pretty addicted to anything Kpop but today, I wanted something different. So I decided to go Mandopop (Mandarin Pop or Taiwanese pop).

As the songs were playing, I heard one of my favorite songs. A very sad song (well to me its really sad) from the OST of the Taiwanese drama K.O. One (or sometimes called Zhong Ji Yi Ban. This drama starred Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen, Arron Yan and Danson Tang. Wu Chun was also in this drama but he only appeared during the last few episodes. The drama was about 4 friends who had super powers, something like that.. this was not the usual drama you see on TV.


Anyway.. the song that I am posting is a ballad sung by Su Yi Cheng called Bao Hu Se (Protective Color). It’s a song about giving up the one you love. It’s probably one of the saddest songs I’ve heard, and the notes played on the piano make it even sadder. But I love this song.

I couldn’t find any MV of the song so I just added some audio for you to listen to. Oh and read the English translation to understand why this song is really sad.

Bao Hu Se (audio)

Bao Hu Se (Romanization)

xiang dui ni shuo de rang ta xian shuo le
cong ci zhi neng cai ce
ni liu lei shi ying wei kuai le

xiang yao gei ni de ta xian gei ni le
cong ci zhi neng fu he
ji mo he ai ben lai neng fen ge

zhu fu ni shi wo de bao hu se
zhuan xin ban yan peng you de jiao se
zai ni meng yong bao de na yi ke
wo xin yi fen wei er

qi pian ni shi wo de bao hu se
gan xin zuo ge ai qing de nuo zhe
zhen ai bu si jiu neng tao de yuan yuan de
deng dai shi wo de zhi ze (ai ni shi tian ze)

lu yue zuo yue qu zhe bu neng hui tou le
neng shang hai wo de dou shi wo ai de
hai bao hu shen me hai bao hu shen me

Bao Hu Se (Translation)

The thing I wanted to tell you, he said it first
Ever since then, I can only speculate
Your tear is for happiness

The thing I wanted to give you, he gave you first
Ever since then, I can only take in
Loneliness and love could have been separated

Giving you my blessing is my protective color
Focusing on playing a friend
The moment you two embraced
My heart split into two

Lying to you is my protective color
Willing to be coward in love
As long as real love doesn’t die, then I can run far away
Waiting is my duty (Love you is devine choice)

The road is getting more windingly, I can’t turn back anymore
Those that can hurt me are those I love
What is there to protect? What is there to protect?

Bao Hu Se 保護色 (Pin Yin)

想對你說的 讓他先說了
從此只能 猜測
你流淚是因為 快樂

想要給你的 他先給你了
從此只能 負荷
寂寞和愛 本來能分割



路越走越曲折 不能回頭了
能傷害我的 都是我愛的
還保護什麼 還保護什麼

** credits to dramawiki for the lyrics

update!!! if you like the song please click here


Author: chipskjaa

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7 thoughts

  1. i love this song so sad hmmmp!! i read the english sub. and it was very sad huhuhu … i guess i have to watch this… just to know if there’s some connection hehehe…thanks for the update!!


  2. this was the song that Xiao Yu (aaron) “composed” for his feelings about An Qi loving Da Dong (Jiro). Imaginary piano playing… ahhhh… so sad


  3. OMG, I love this song soooo much…. but isn’t it Guardian Angel? Bao Hu Se has lots of different meaning but this song goes about how you protect other people and that there is like someone else who likes you and they give everything to you first, blah,blah,blah so i am pretty sure that it Guardian Angel 。。。。


    1. Protective Color was from the translation I got from the internet… i’m not good at chinese so i’m not sure what it really means… but Guardian Angel sounds like a fitting title to this post! don’t ya think?


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