Super Junior @ Popular Song (03-15-09)

I’m not sure what I would do without youtube! Ahahaha.. if not for this website I would not see all the videos that I’ve been watching and there would be no wonderful videos to include in this blog.

If you’ve noticed, I’ve been posting a lot of SUJU stuff this week. And this post is yet again another one. I can’t help it! 😀 I love their new song and I’m sooo addicted to it! The beat is absolutely wonderful.. it makes you want to dance!

This time I’m posting the their performance of Sorry Sorry and Why I Like You on Popular song. This was posted about 30 minutes ago by CodeAnalysis@youtube. I soooo love her channel! I’m also posting a video of an interview of the group. Unfortunately, there are no subs for the interview… so we still have to wait to know what they were talking about.. all I know is that they introduced themselves.. ahahaha


Popular Song Performance part 1 (Interview)

Popular Song Performance part 2 (Sorry Sorry)

Popular Song Performance part 3 (Why I Like You)

The guys have really been busy promoting their album.. and I’ve read somewhere that they sold almost 30,000 copies on the first day! Congratulations guys!

Look for the other SUJU performances on my blog! 😀


Big Bang Girls will make debut in May

Another news about the Philippine’s favorite krung krung. I’m sure Sandy’s fans would be glad about this news..

From the news posted by D O L C E@asianfanatics, Big Bang Girls (or the Female Big Bang) will be making their debut in May. So Sandara fans, if you’re wondering what she has been up to this days, it seems your favorite Korean has been busy making the album. I’m actually curious about this album.


This is what was posted on asianfanatics:

YG Entertainment said,”We had plans for YG’s new female group to debut in April. Much effort has been put into the selection of songs etc hence the earliest that fans can meet with this group will be in May.”

“Right now, they have completed about 10 songs. We have also in mind what the title song will be out of the 10 songs. But until their debut in May, we will collect more songs for the album.”

The YG representative also added, “They will release singles and minialbums and will continue to be active all the way to year-end. There is a possibility they will release a digital single every month.”

source: kbites

Oh and I think they haven’t selected a name yet for this girls.. so that’s why netizens are calling them Big Bang Girls or Female Big Bang.