Super Junior on Music Core (03-14-09)

my 100th post! yay! ๐Ÿ˜€

Today is WHITE DAY! It’s supposedly the time when guys give girls chocolates (this is practices in Japan and in Korea). In our country however, the we don’t do this as guys give girls chocolates on Valentine’s Day (which is the exact opposite of what is practiced in Japan and Korea because girls give out chocolates on Valentine’s day).

But enough of the babble..

Today, Super Junior went on Music Core to give their performance for their new album Sorry Sorry. And it was really awesome (don’t I sound like a fan!)!!! Their faces were a bit clear this time around. But unfortunately, for Kibum fans, Kibum is still not in the live performance. According to my friend innocent ่‰ฒ็”ท (who read it somewhere but he can’t remember the source of this bit of information), Kibum still has to learn the dance thus he wasn’t in the performance. Apparently, at the time the choreographers were in Korea to teach the dance, Kibum had to fly to the US to take care of his sick mom. But I think there’s nothing to be worried about! Ehehe.. he will eventually be in the other performances!

So I’ll stop my writing now and let you see the video! Oh and by the way credits to pla4rang@youtube for posting this video on her channel. Super Junior sang both Sorry Sorry and Why I like you on the show.


Oh and tomorrow I think they will be performing on Inkigayo!

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