asian korean kpop super junior

Super Junior @ Music Bank 03-13-09

Thank God for youtube!! And thank you CodeAnalysis (who posted the videos on youtube).

The videos I’m posting is Super Junior’s comeback on Music Bank!!

super junior -sorry sorry

Super Junior sang Why I Like You and of course Sorry Sorry.. I love this song. This song is one of my favorite Super Junior tracks. It’s very catchy!


Part 1 (Waiting Room + Why I Like You)

Part 2 (Sorry Sorry)

** for the MV and the lyrics of Sorry Sorry, please view this post: Sorry Sorry MV



    1. kibum’s not in this performance… 😦
      i hope he will be in tomorrow’s performance @ music core… πŸ˜€


  1. really hope so!!even the mv..if u look closely, he not there in a group shot.he only appear individually.


    1. yup.. even in the mv.. i cant seem to find him when they are dancing.. but you see him on other shots. cross your fingers for tomorrow’s performance! πŸ˜€


  2. i like super junior team. Best of my favourite pop team in korea . There are many people who like super junior team in myanmar . Welcome from myanmar. Sorry Sorry
    presentation is so good , i like best.

    if superjunior know my gmail, plz send mail to me.i am alway stand at superjunior.


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