Lee Min Ho Random Pics…

“So you’ve posted the pictures of Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum and Kim Joon.. but where is Lee Min Ho???”

That was my friend’s question… I was chatting with her yesterday and she was checking out my blog but she could not see her favorite Korean F4. So I’m posting random pics of Lee Min Ho — most of them from the LG commercial.

Though I absolutely adore Kim Hyun Joong, I have to say Lee Min Ho has a very nice bod! Thank you Korea for sharing him to the world! 😀 So guys feast your eyes!!

Lee Min Ho Pictures…


min ho roses

lee min ho

lee min ho phone

lee min holee min ho

The next two are my favorites! He Looks good with straight hair!! 😀

lee min ho sit

lee min ho earphones

lee min ho straight hair lee min ho photo

lee min ho cute smile

** credits to sakura5102330, francesca and siwonnie_girl@asianfanatics for the pictures 😀


Author: chipskjaa

Certified Unnie / Jiejie who is crazy about anything and everything Asian! Currently fangirling over Chinese novels and Chinese dramas - but never forgets to watch Kdramas and Lakorns on the side. When she has time, she indulges in her favorite Bangtan Boys for motivation (",)

148 thoughts

  1. Hi !!

    I am a fan of Lee min ho. I like F4. They look great. I just wanna know that what the season 2 of boys over flowers is? Does it means the next new drama?
    Plz tell me everybody. Just waiting for your reply. bye 🙂


  2. hi lee min ho.come here to the phillippines you must come here and let’s meet i can’t wait to see you here….i love your character in boys before flower…i wish i’am your leading lady…..i love you so much….my age is the same as your age….i think were meant for each other


        1. hmmm… i’ll be uploading the photos on mediafire..
          i’ll probably do this during the weekend 😀
          just check once in a while for updates in the blog…


          1. oh, thank you so much!!!! =D
            really grateful! XD
            thanks again and have a nice day!


          2. there are pics.. just look for them in the blog :D….
            or you can access the categories part under the stars


  3. hai lee min ho
    how are you today?
    i am came from indonesia………
    kapan2 km mau kan datang ke indonesia kan?
    apalagi ketemu ma aku mau kan
    from riris


  4. Korea’s version was the best c:

    hope there will be movie/s that they will all come together…

    the boys are overwhelmingly handsome c:


  5. lee min ho…
    i’m from indonesian. I want to meet you…
    would to be my friend?
    when you come to indonesian ?
    hehehehe…… ^.*


  6. hai..lee min ho…
    i want to be your friend
    because i’m like to see your smile….
    your smile can to make me happy….
    when you come to indonesian ????
    i hope you can reply my message !!! ok??
    be happier …always…


  7. anh Min Ho ơi,em iu anh nhiều lắm,anh thật là đep zai và lãng tử,iu anh nhiều,ước gì em được làm như chị Jandy thì sướng wa’,hihi


  8. anh Lee Min Ho đẹp trai quá!!!!! nụ cười làm say đắm lòng người, từ trước giờ em chưa thấy người nào có sức cuốn hút như vậy. Mong là anh sẽ đến Việt Nam một lần để được gặp. Ước gì có nhiều người đẹp trai như vậy để mình cũng kiếm 1 anh làm chồng. hihihihi


  9. hy lee min ho,,,,,,,,,

    pemain BBF main dooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnk ke indonesiaaaaaaaaa

    pada pengen buaaaaaaangetzzzzz ketemuuuuuuuuuuu BBF


  10. i want lee min ho to be paired with Kim Tae Hee …
    shes so beutiful…..i hope it started with a kiss sequel will have it….


  11. hello!!,well,were a biggest fan of yours!!
    we hope that the cast of BOF will visit here in cabatuan iloilo philippines soon!!,because millions of fans of yours are waiting here!!
    and we hope that the BOF series will have a part 2!!!
    all of us,the cabatuananons are hoping that you are coming(with goo hye sun)<we love you so much!!!


  12. I love you…. Please come to my country,,,, I will be a best friend for you,,, You can call me and send many message… Can you give me your Facebook address or other,,,, I hope You can give a good respon for me and reply my message…


  13. yipi yipi LEE MIN HO cute bangeeeeeeeeeeeeeet


  14. Hello…..,,,,

    LEE MIN HO,,,

    my nAme is vEntY……..,, I frOm Indonesia,…. I LOvE yOu,,,_

    leE mIn hO yOu arE tHe besT,,,,,…


  15. 1.

    Hi Guy’s

    I Live IN Malaysia , I Watch Drama ( Boys Over Flower ) AT 8TV AT Time 8:30PM I Like The Drama And I Have WebSite For Drama Too But IT’s Not For This Drama IT’s For ( ILJIMAE ) Drama But I Want To Do WebSite For This Drama
    Thank You


    Leith La.Shari

    Take Care


  16. i felt envy of koo hye seon

    in boys over flower

    ur straight hair

    it makes me………………

    i love you

    waiting for ur reply


  17. HI

    it’s me your big fan shova. I like your smile and your curley hair. You look cool in black dress. I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

    your biggest fan shovaaaaaaa


  18. saranghae lee min ho oppaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ <3he was damn gorgeous in personal taste!! 🙂 :DD ^_^


  19. I live in Iran. Lee min ho is so cute..I do not love him .And I now you do not read my text because I am a Iranian girl.


  20. lee min ho a.k.a. gu jun pyo……….aaaaawwwwww like you so so so so so so much……….chuvahchuchu love!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bof 4ever


  21. I Love you Boyfie! Stay humble, sweet, natural and handsome. 😀 Hope to see you soon, I miss you! Don’t ever be a Bad Boy.. Take Care. Lots of Love! ❤


    1. I Love you More Hon! :* Thank you Honey, and I Will. Hope to see you soon too, I will Visit there, 😀 maybe on April 9, I may not be busy that day. I Miss you more! :* I will never be a Bad Boy. Take care Hon! 🙂 I Love you!


      1. OH MY GOSH! O_O Are you the Real LEE MIN HO!? I Mean, 😀 Nice to meet you, I’m Your Number 1 Fan! Because, you know, as your Girlfriend said, You’re humble, sweet, natural and of course HANDSOME! 😀 I’m from Korea too 😀 I really really do hope that I Can see you in personal someday! 😀
        I Love you Lee Min ho! ❤ Take Care always! God Bless! Maintain your Career and Don't give up, we are always here! 😀


  22. To Shin Hye Jin:
    Yes! I’m the Real Lee Mon ho! 😀 Nice to meet you too! And Thank you for Being my Number 1 Fan. Uhmm, we can chat if you want, leeminho_23. Thank you! And I will not Give up! Thank you! 🙂


  23. Oh My Gosh! You replied?! And you are the real Lee Min Ho! 😀 Haha! You are Always welcome. We Can Chat!? Oh My Gosh! This is Huge! I really Love you! 😀
    You Are Welcome!

    Ill add you! Thanks!


  24. wow so many comments on u Lee Min Ho… so overwhelming… thing seems doing great on you..congrats!!! well as for myself I’m quite slow in cope up with your big screen…your achievement but my first knowing you was “Personal Taste” will I guess i became one of your fan now (do you really chatting with your fan in person??)




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