Kim Joon random pictures

I’m truly in the mood to post pictures on my blog.

Since I’ve posted pictures of Kim Bum and Kim Hyun Joong, I’m posting pictures of another Mr. Kim who we see in the Anycall Haptic commercial and in Boys Before flowers but we don’t really take notice of him. I’m talking about Kim Joon.

He isn’t featured that much on the drama but this guy is a part of the group T-Max who sang the opening theme of Boys Before Flowers (Paradise). Kim Joon is the group’s rapper.

It was a little difficult to find some of his pictures.. so this is what I got..

Kim Joon pictures



kim joon tmax

kim joon anycall

kim joon anycall 4 poses

kim jun with t-maxt-max

** credits to francesca and lilvietxoxogrl@asianfanatics  for the pictures


13 comments on “Kim Joon random pictures

    • are you sure??????????? kim joon is my darling,, please dont say i luv you tom kim joon becouse kim joon is my darling, you now??????? he………………………………………………….


  1. shiitz! people hes mine go get your own guy…fucken people….not jk…..hes mine though…..cause i love him to much….


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