Another suicide…

I was checking out asianfanatics for some news-worthy articles to put up on my blog. And I think this news is shocking… another Korean actress has committed suicide.

According to the news that was posted by D O L C E,  actress Jang Ja Yeon committed suicide at home today at 7.34 pm her older sister called the police.


This is what the news said..

“Jang Ja Yeon committed suicide at home today at 7.34 pm her older sister called the policed. She hung herself. Her will and notes will be checked. She is normally a bright girl and hence her entertainment company is also very shocked.

She is most well known for the role of Sunny, one of the mean girls, in Boys over flowers.

She died at 4.30pm. Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong and gGoo Hye Sun from Boys over flowers went straight to pay their respects after shooting.”

Source: Cynews + Joy news translations: ~S2~@Soompi forums

May she rest in peace…

This news is really sad.. I hope this wouldn’t happen again..


Kim Hyun Joong Anycall CFs

I’m continuing my Kim Hyun Joong craze!!!

My friends and I were eating at a Korean restaurant this evening. The restaurant had a TV and was showing Infinity Challenge. I got all excited because the guests were SNSD and they showed the Gee Parody.

But what got me excited was watching the Samsung Anycall CFs that featured Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum and Kim Joon from the popular drama Boys Before Flowers. And because of that I have the sudden urge of posting the CF’s on my blog! Thank god for youtube because I get to share the videos!! Enjoy!!

Anycall CF Gee version

Anycall CF

Some pictures


ca8cc2083070c7b50b7b8241 hyun joong

kim hyun joong

kim hyun joong


kim hyun joong and kim bum

samsung anycall

** credits to espoir412@youtube for posting the vids

UPDATE! I’m putting up the download link here for the photos — 😀 to download the photos click hereKim Hyun Joong photos