Kim Hyun Joong’s version of Because I’m Stupid

If you’ve read my blog, you would know that I adore Kim Hyun Joong eversince I saw him play the role of Ji Hoo in the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango.



What I’m posting now is his version of Because I’m stupid. From what I’ve read this is going to be part of the second compilation of the Boys Before Flowers OST. The videos I’m posting are cuts where the song was first featured. I absolutely adore him! ahahahaha

Videos (cuts from BBF)

Audio Version

I’m not posting the lyrics anymore as I’ve posted it. But I’m posting the audio version as well as the download link for the version.

To access the lyrics of the song please click here : Nae Moriga Nabbaso

** credits to deNain91@youtube for both videos. the download link below is also from her so credits to her too

to have your own copy of the song please click here


Author: chipskjaa

Certified Unnie / Jiejie who is crazy about anything and everything Asian! Currently fangirling over Chinese novels and Chinese dramas - but never forgets to watch Kdramas and Lakorns on the side. When she has time, she indulges in her favorite Bangtan Boys for motivation (",)

35 thoughts

  1. The 2nd OST DOES NOT include the ballad version of ‘Because I am Stupid’ sung by Kim HyunJoong. I have the album and it does not have it.


  2. I wanted the Ballad version too but can’t find it anywhere besides the one on stage. I like the character of Ji Hoo also. Very handsome by the way.


  3. I’am very like all about you……………………
    why isn’t it there (INDONESIA) ?????????????


  4. I like your hair if your hair is long,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    if your hair is short I like you too…………………


  5. k3…..hyun joong,,,,,,,
    so cwettttttttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyy……
    luv u puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuullllllllllllll


  6. hi, kim hyun joong. how are u? I already your acting in Boys Before Flower. u look so handsome and cool. I like your acting. it’s look real. I also like to see your smile. your smile so sofly and sweet like candy. he5X…… I like your colour hair. it’s look suitable for u. please don’t change your hair style, do u? because u look so cool with your hair right now.


  7. Love Youuuu Full………………………………. I miss you!!!!!!!! You is so handsome i like youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!


  8. hello Mr kim I am from Iran too. me & my sister LOve your Songs specially Because Im stuped . Boys before flowers is the best Good like . Have Good Times. Atefeh & Fatemeh GH


  9. hi Kim Hyun Joong you are the most cute pleople that i saw in all my live., i’m from Perú and here are so much people who love
    you are so cute in the intervio i saw singing in SS501 y too be very carefully on you when you was sick in Japan
    i really like you


  10. Annyonghaseyo kim hyun joong!How are you?I like you soooooo much and because of you I’m trying my best to learn Korean .I will also be coming to south korea soon I hope that we will meet too but if we do don’t expect me to be beautiful like those Korean girls there ok!Annyonghikyeseyo!


  11. hi hyunjoong i know don’t know your story well. but i like your action and your stly. you not speek so much and a little strange, ha ha ha…. i like it so much.
    today is your’s time, fight! and take care. i waiting for look on you.


  12. new OST from boys over flowers, Luxury edition includes the acoustic version of ‘because i’m stupid’. The luxury edition also includes all two OST 😀


  13. kim hyun joong …
    you look very handsome
    so i like your hair and style because i love you so much ….
    when you come from indonesia??


  14. ang cute cute moh talaga

    nakaka inlove ka ……………




  15. kim hyun joong, i love u so much. love at the first sight maybe too over. i like ur character as ji hoo. are u like that in ur life??? like a white angel, a handsome angel. hyun joong, iof i can meet u, maybe just 4 a minute, really really like u.


  16. hi kim hyun joong,i ‘m from iran.i like you for nice voice,lovely face and every thing and i like see you in the are femas between poeple in iran.
    with best wishes


  17. kim hyun joong you know im also in this opinion that every person lives just once so why a lot of people waste their time in some bothering other peple!


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