Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry Preview

I was reading one of my favorite blogs ( when I saw that the preview for Super Junior’s come back album has been released!!! Yes all SUJU fans (I’m you know this already) they will be releasing a new album next week after a year and a half.

super junior

I was not really a fan of Super Junior before. But after rewatching the Star King episodes where Charice Pempengco guested and through the coaxing of one of my friends I got addicted to them. I can’t wait for this album to be released.

I’m posting the video of their 3rd Album Sorry Sorry. Video was posted by  SapphireJunior10@youtube. I’m also posting 2 other videos of their dance practices, credits to  SuperAdonisCamp@youtube for posting this videos.

Sorry Sorry Album Preview

Dance Rehearsal 1

Dance Rehearsal 2

Some pictures…

super-junior-sorry-1 3rd-album





I can’t wait!!


DBSK in Fast and the Furious

I was again browsing around some news on asianfanatics (trust me, this site has the latest news and its one of my favorite sources for Asian stuff). And at the sight of this news I thought I have to see this movie!

D O L C E from Asianfanatics posted DBSK’s song “Rising Sun” is featured on the fourth installement of the Fast and the Furious. According to the article she posted..

“while Paul Walker’s sexy behind was chasing down a bad guy, the sounds of a remix of DBSK’s song “Rising Sun” was permeating the atmosphere. Director Justin Lin made the film decidedly Korean. ”


I think I have to go see this movie… well for one I have to check out this news about DBSK’s song being on it… and since Paul Walker will be in the film! (liked hims since I saw him along side Joshua Jackson in the Skulls).


Too bad this movie will still be out next month (I hope its shown here — in my country — the same time its going to be released in the States)…


Kim Hyun Joong’s version of Because I’m Stupid

If you’ve read my blog, you would know that I adore Kim Hyun Joong eversince I saw him play the role of Ji Hoo in the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango.



What I’m posting now is his version of Because I’m stupid. From what I’ve read this is going to be part of the second compilation of the Boys Before Flowers OST. The videos I’m posting are cuts where the song was first featured. I absolutely adore him! ahahahaha

Videos (cuts from BBF)

Audio Version

I’m not posting the lyrics anymore as I’ve posted it. But I’m posting the audio version as well as the download link for the version.

To access the lyrics of the song please click here : Nae Moriga Nabbaso

** credits to deNain91@youtube for both videos. the download link below is also from her so credits to her too

to have your own copy of the song please click here


Bu De Bu Ai – Back Dorm Boys and Wilber Pan versions

I know its a little late to post something about the Back Dorm Boys but I’m posting anyway. It has been about 4 years since I first saw their video on youtube. We were sulking around a friends house when she showed to us their version of Backstreet Boys’ I Want it That Way. And from then on our circle of friends loved this boys!!

The Back dorm boys, as what they are often called, are two Chinese boys who made their own versions of popular music videos. They recorded it on their dorm room and later on posted the videos on the internet. They became very popular that they were offered to do a commercial for Pepsi. They did a version of As Long As You Love Me (BSB) and  Superstar (S.H.E) to name a few. One of my favorite videos that they did was their own version of Wilber Pan’s Bu De Bu Ai. I’ve loved Wilber Pan since then. I’m posting their version of Bu De Bu Ai as well as Wilber Pan’s version! Happy watching!!

edit: please see in the comments below for the better translation of the song! many thanks to W for providing it! 🙂

Bu De Bu Ai –  Back Dorm Boys

Bu De Bu Ai – Wilber  Pan

Bu De Bu Ai (Romanization)

tiān tiān dōu xū yào nǐ ài
wǒ de xīn sī yóu nǐ cāi
I love you
wǒ jiù shì yào nǐ ràng wǒ měi tiān dōu jīng cǎi

tiān tiān bǎ tā guà zuǐ biān
dào dǐ shén me shì zhēn ài
I love you
dào dǐ yǒu jǐ fēn shuō de bǐ xiǎng xiàng gèng kuài

shì wǒ men gǎn qíng fēng fù tài kāng kài
hái shì yào shàng tiān ān pái
shì wǒ men běn lái jiù shì nǎ yī bàn
hái shì shě bù de tài guāi
shì nǎ yī cì yuē dìng le
méi yǒu lái
ràng wǒ kū de xiàng xiǎo hái
shì wǒ men jí zhù zhèng míng wǒ cún zài
hái shì bù ài huì fā dāi

bù de bù ài
Fôu zé kuài lè cóng hé ér lái
bù de bù ài
Fôu zé bēi shāng cóng hé ér lái
bù de bù ài
fǒu zé wǒ jiù shī qù wèi lái

hǎo xiàng shén bù yóu qí bù néng zì jǐ hěn shī bài
kě shì měi tiān dōu guò de jīng cǎi tiān tiān dōu jīng cǎi.

Bu De Bu Ai (Translation)

I need your love everyday
My thinking is for you to guess
I love you
I just want you to let me live an everyday joyful life

I want you to say I love you each day
What is true love?
I love you
How much do you love me? Your words are faster than I thought

Are our emotions too intense and rich,
or were we predestined by heaven?
Were we meant for each other,
or can’t we just be too nice?
There was a certain time
you didn’t come
It made me cry like a child
are we too eager to show I exist
or is it that I don’t want to be dazed

Gotta love
Where could I find happyness otherwise?
Gotta love
where could I find sadness otherwise?
gotta love
Otherwise I’ll just lose my future

It seems I just can’t help myself, nor be myself; I’m a complete loser
But I’m having days full of joy.

Bu De Bu Ai 不得不爱 (Chinese)

I love you

I love you ,


不得不爱 否则快乐从何而来
不得不爱 否则悲伤从何而来
不得不爱 否则我就失去未来


** credits to chinatown@blogspot for the lyrics, importweed and b123@youtube for the videos

will be posting the download links later