Half – Hwayobi

I’m currently sharing a blog with 4 other friends who are self confessed Asian addicts like me. One of my friends, innocent 色男, posted Hwayobi’s comeback song on the site. Thus, I decided to post it here as well (more like copy it! ahahaha).

The song I’m posting is her comeback song Half. I was not really familiar who Hwayobi is until she was paired up with Hwanhee (of Fly to the Sky) in We Got Married. Since both of them were singers, they sang Endless Love on the first night they met. I have to say that was one of the best renditions I’ve heard of the song. And from that time on I started to love that couple — also because my favorite couple (Andy and Solby) did an exit on the 28th episode.

This MV of this song by the way is being banned in Korea due to some scenes. There are lots of MV’s that have been banned there like Seung Ri’s Strong Baby and Mirotic (which they changed the lyrics to “under my sky” — instead of “under my skin”).

Half (Romanization)

geuredo neol saranghae, sarang
neoman saranghae, sarang
shimjangi dugeundaego
nan hansumdo mot jagesseo
ni maltu ni pyojeongkkaji
nan hanbeondo nochin jeok eopseo
saranghaneun yeojan haengbokhadae janha
nan wae iroehge apeun geoya
ireom an doendago sorichyeobwado
nan amugeotdo an deullyeo
geuredo neol saranghae
neoman saranghae
banjjokman gajyeoda
haengbokhal su isseo
jogeum neujeun nae sarangi jeonbu jalmosigo
neon eojjeol su eoptnen geojanha
hal su eoptjanha
nun tteumyeon ni saenggage
nun gamado michigesseo
eojjeoda yeogil watneunji
neomu himdeul geol da almyeonseo
sarangen tto dasi dareun sarangeuro
kkaekkeusii ithyeojindaejanha
naman saenggakhae cham motdeon yeojaya
tto geu saenggage ureosseo
geuredo neol saranghae
neoman saranghae
banjjokman gajyeodo
haengbokhal su isso
jogeum neujeun nae sarangi jeonbu jalmosigo
neon eojjeol su eoptnen geojanha
eojjeol su eoptgetjiman
nado aljiman
hanbeonman ni gaseume angigo sipeo
nareul aneun ni maeumen naega eoptgetjiman
geureohgerado hago sipeo
hal su itdamyeon
Half (Translation)
**the translation is not complete.. for the complete translation please watch the video 😀
I only love you,
My heart is palpitating that I can’t sleep,
I never missed your way of speaking and your expression.
A woman in love supposed to be happy,
But why it is so painful to me,
I say ‘no’ shouting but I can’t listen myself.

But I love you,
I only love you,
I should be happy with a half of you,
My delayed love,
It’s my fault you couldn’t help with that,
You couldn’t help with that..

Once I used to struggle thinking of you,
It seemed difficult already that I couldn’t handle it,
A wounded heart should be cured by another love,
I only think about you…

** credits to iiecha @ jpopasia, rikkimargarette @ youtube, for the translation Leandrosxxi]dicinside.com/HwanYobi soompi
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update: if you like the song please click here

Author: chipskjaa

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