MNet’s Celebs You Want To Spend Valentine’s Day With

I know its a little late to make this post as Valentines was days ago. But I’m still going to post this. They are soooo cute! ahahaha.

credits to DBSKnights33@youtube for posting the video

1. Lee Min Ho


2. Xiah Junsu (DBSK) – yay! 😀


3. Kim Beom


4. G Dragon (Big Bang)


5. Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) – yay! 😀


who do you want to go out with??? 😀

credits to asianfanatics for the pics.


Nunmuldo Mianhaeso – Hwang Bo

One of the Asian shows that we are addicted to is We Got Married. A favorite couple of mine is Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong (innocente posted their 100th day pics for this). I was searching for songs by Hwang Bo both from her Chakra days as well as during her solo career. From all of her songs, the one I’m posting now is probably my favorite. It’s called Nunmuldo Mianhaeso (Sorry for Tears / I’m Sorry for the Tears ). This song is a little bit old (2007) and is from her Lady in Black Album. I’m posting both the live version as well as the MV. Love this song!

Nunmuldo Mianhaeso  (MV)

Nunmuldo Mianhaeso (Live)

Nunmuldo Mianhaeso (Romanization)


haruchongil ku-dae-man poneyo
aju sasohanildo / nae-ga hanchog omnunchi
modun-ge nasolchyo

ku pullin shinpal twemog-ko chunildo
nuhkoun mulgonul tashiga chaeng-ginunildo
hochomyon / kurohke

nan haeng-bo-khan chi-oge sarayo
ni kasumul turyo-nae ibyorur-haet-jiman
chugogan chu-ok kuma-umbbun iyoso
nunmuldo mian-hae-so

sesangun chongmal chubun gabwayo
pihae-bwado ku-daen nae-nuni monjo chaneyo
tto hapil kurohke

nan sora-un chon-guge saneyo
kudae-ga chal chi-nae-gil kido hada haeng-boge gyo-un
kudae-rul bonente
miwoso tto uroyo

honja-il-kka-bwa nachorom tto salkkabwa
ku-dae kog-chong-mal hadon najiman uuhhh
narin yocha kkutkkaji motdwaenneyo
ma-umun talla-na-bwayo

nan haeng-bokhan chi-uge sarayo
nae gasumul turyo-nae-go ttonan ku-daen-de
chugogan chu-og nomu kumawoso
to miwohal su opsoso

Nunmuldo Mianhaeso (Translation)

All day long I see you
I am trivial but whole hearted, and not quiet
It is all strange…

That piece of thread that tied us together has come loose
I pack all of my things and go on this course again
It might be like that…

I am happy living in this hell
I scrape out a star from my heart
I give the memories thankfully
I’m sorry for the tears…

The world sees this good truth
The damage you see as you search my eyes
It is also like this of all things…

I will be brought to the sad heaven
You live well and intend to live on this path
I see you in a place of uncontrollable happiness
I hate and I cry

I will be the one person to see it.. and like me, it will live to see it
Only the anxiety is born, but… it is right…
Until the end of that woman
My mind is different and it sees… what is right…

I am happy living in this hell
I scrape out a star from my heart
I give the memories thankfully
I might not hate anymore… and it will be right..

**credits to kreah for the romanization and Credits: Tasha @ Aigoo Lyrics [ ], and soompi

if you like the song please click here


Zai Zai’s New Drama

My addiction to anything Asian (as well as Shiira’s addiction) started when a local channel in the Philippines broadcasted Meteor Garden. They were the first F4 boys! Among the 4 gorgeous guys, Zai Zai – Vic Zhou (to me) was the one that stood out.

I found some news about Zai Zai (well its not that new, but its an update of what he is doing). He is currently shooting a new drama with Fan Bing Bing. The title of the drama is The Last Night of Madam Chin.I’m not sure what the story is about but Zai Zai will be playing one of the 3 men in the life of Madam Chin. This, according to my source, is one of the most awaited dramas this year (I assume most awaited in China/Taiwan).
I found some pictures on asianfanatics about for the drama..





waah! I can’t wait for this drama..



Xiah Junsu’s solo concert

I am a self confessed DBSK addict. Thanks to my friends shiira and whirpool — they introduced them to me last christmas, and since then I was addicted to them. Among the 5 gorgeous boys, I like Xiah Junsu the best, because love the way he dances and to me he has the best voice!


I found an article that I wanted to share about my favorite boy! Apparently he will be having a solo concert 3 days before the DBSK concert this Febuary. It will be called XIAHTIC. XIAHTIC produced by Junsu, will show an awesome solo performance where he specifically created the song, and also dance.

One of his guest will be Key from Shinee (this band is good to, they sund Amigo and Stand by Me – featured in the OST of Boys Before Flowers). He will be rapping in the concert.

DBSK’s concert –  TVXQ THE 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT MIROTIC – will be held at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium.

source: NEWSEN + DNBN
Translations: L4uRa
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source: NEWSEN + DNBN
Translations: L4uRa
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