Recommended Movie – A Millionaire’s First Love

If you haven’t noticed, I am addicted to DBSK. Try to check out the archives of the songs and lyrics that I’ve posted and you’ll see that I have posted a lot of their songs. I was listening to their songs one day when my playlist played Insa which was sung by Hero Jaejong for the movie A Millionaire’s first love. Because of that, I had an itch to watch the movie again. I did download the movie not long ago and I watched it again. Though I’ve watched this for the nth time (it’s one of my favorite korean movies), it still breaks my heart everytime I watch it.



Kang Jae-kyung is a typical spoiled rich kid; he’s arrogant, drives sporty cars, attends the big clubs, and rides through school corridors on his motorcycle. As his 18th birthday approaches, he’s set to inherit his grandfather’s fortune, a five star hotel. However, Jae-kyung must earn his fortune. His grandfather lays down an ultimatum; Jae-kyung is required to transfer to a new school in Gangwondo and graduate. Until then all access to his penthouse, cottage and credit cards are denied. Should he fail to graduate or drop out then he loses everything. With little choice he heads out to the countryside and a small town in which daily life is far removed from what he’s used to.

Shortly after settling into his new home he meets 19 year-old Choi Eun-whan, who just happened to run into him back in Seoul. They don’t exactly hit it off; he’s far too stubborn and cool for school, while she sees hope for him and sets out to make him see it for himself. As they eventually draw closer, thanks to a set of coincidences and school projects they learn more about one another, but soon a shattering revelation will change these people forever. (wikipedia)

The movie starred Hyun Bin (My Name is Kim Sam Soon, World that They Live in) and Lee Yoon Hee (East of Eden, One Fine Day).

Why I Liked the Movie?

This is not the first Korean movie that I saw. I’ve seen My Sassy Girl and the Classic before I watched it. I remember watching this movie on crunchyroll. I used to work in a contact center and since I had a night shift, I would usually be sitting infront of a PC when I got home so I can sleep and to make me sleepy I would watch movies. There were a lot of Asian movies to choose from but I decided to start with those which title begins with the letter A and this was the first on the list. This was probably the first Korean movie I saw with a sad ending (spoiler) and thus I remember crying during as I watched the movie. I couldn’t contain my emotions when I watched it. It was even a little embarrassing because my mom saw me crying. I think that’s why I like it so much, because this movie was the first Asian movie that made me cry.

Hyun Bin looked a little different in the movie, playing an 18 year old heir. This was one of his early movies. Though it may not be his best movie but he displayed that he can act in this movie. Lee Yoon Hee looked very charming in this movie — charming yet very sickly.

The soundtrack of the movie was a good one too. The songs make you sad. Insa (Greeting), which was sung by DBSK’s Hero Jaejoong, was very appropriate for the movie. The soft melody makes your heart break. I will be posting this song next!

Over-all, this is a very sad movie but it had the elements of a beautiful love story which you will remember.

If you’re interested to watch the movie, you can go to mysoju.


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  1. a millionaire’s first love is one of my fave kmovies!! it made cry a bucketfull of tears too!!…

    try a moment to remember 🙂 it;s also very nice tear jerking move!! highly recommended…^.^…


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