Big Bang Remember album — harmful for teens

Big Bang is one of those Korean boy bands that I really like. There was even one time when Haru Haru was playing on my player for the nth time! I also liked their new album. I especially love their cover of Lee Moon Sae’s Sunset Glow (Red Sunset). It was also fun listening to Seung Ri’s Strong Baby — it was even featured on Perez Hilton’s blog.


I was reading asianfanatics earlier and D O L C E posted the following article:

Under the Commission of Youth Protection, Big Bang’s 2nd album ‘Remember’ has been labelled harmful for teenagers with the reason that the song ‘Strong Baby’ in the album contains inappropriate/suggestive lyrics.

From 6th March, Big Bang’s 2nd album ‘Remember’ will have the sticker ‘No Sales Allowed For Those Under 19′ labelled on the CD.

A YG Entertainment representative said, “We did not arrange for a new recording for a clean version of the supposed problematic song ‘Strong Baby’. We will just have to sell the CD with the sticker label on.”

As to whether this order will affect SeungRi’s solo activity, “This coming 1st March will be his last performance, hence we see that there shouldn’t be any hindrance to his solo activities.”

source: kbites

** some fans may find this sad, but its their rules and its part of their culture, so i think we have to respect this decision. the label doesn’t mean that you can not hear their songs, big bang still has a lot of other songs 😀


Kissing Me – Alex (Clazziquai) and Daniel Henney

Daniel Henney is one of the Korean actors I completely adore. The first time I saw him was when I watched the drama My Name is Kim Sam Soon (though sometimes this drama is called My Lovely Sam Soon). Though Hyun Bin (another actor I adore ehehehe) played the main character, I can’t help but be in love with Daniel Henney. And thanks to google it was easy to find information about him. And thanks to youtube, there are videos available that could feed me with Daniel Henney addiction..


I started to search for some videos and movies which he starred and I came across the movie Seducing Mr. Perfect (in some versions it Seducing Mr. Robin). I remember watching this movie on crunchyroll.. that’s about 2 or 3 years ago (did you see his abs! ahahaha). Everytime I watch a movie I usually look for the OST. And I was really excited when I found out that Daniel Henney sang on the OST! And he even had a duet with my favorite singers!


The song I’m posting is from the OST from that movie. It’s called Kissing Me. I’m having a little problem finding the english translation for this song as well as the hangul version. But I did find the romanization version thanks to kreah ( i love her lyrics site!!!). If you do have the translation as well as the hangul, feel free to post it on the comments! thanks 😀

Kissing Me (Romanization)

Hello nae-minun ib-sul nae-rikkan Hello sarang-suron-ae-gyodo
i-jenun sexy haji anha

Hello narul kkae-u-nun ajime Hello naman para-bonun niga
chogumshing budamdwe

nun-chi obshi saranghanda ma-rhago amu-ttaena kiss
tang-hwang-su-re nal man-dulgo
su-re chwihyae saranghanda chonhwaro
ul-mokkori-nun noropgo ba-raeda chugo

kurae-to naniga sarang-surowo nae-dungdwiye ungkurin
chogun okkae bodumko / ba-mha-nul barabomyon haeng-bo-khan
usumi hul-lo na-oji

onjena ggong norul ji-kyo-chugesso
yoyurob-jin an-hji-man nae-ge him-i dwae-junun
dumchi-khan namja-il-kke onjena
naman mid-ko kissing me!

sae-chim-hage nunul kkalgo kuyangi cho-rom dodohan
cho-umye niga kuriwo
yonghwal bomyo ji-chi-ulda nae-morup-pae-go
chamidun / noye mosubul momyo

kurae-to nan niga sarangsurowo supo wiye chamidun
werubgo gin balgarak / sarangsuron ne mosub-kyoteso
nae-ga jikyo chugo shipo

nado niga nomu sarang-surowo
choyong-hage ji-kyochun song-shi-rhan noye
mosub-mocharan narul sarang-hae-chunun
nol mido Kissing Me

** credits to SuMmeRsALt89 for the video, kreah for the romanization and for the pics

** sorry for the daniel henney overload pics ^^ — i cant help it!

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tonight i can write the saddest lines…

This morning when I opened my office email, one of my colleagues shared a very sad poem. And when I say sad I mean really sad. I don’t know what’s happened to my officemate and why he was suddenly sharing this poem. I’m not sure why I’m sharing it also but I just felt like it. The poem by the way was written by Pablo Neruda.


Tonight I can write the saddest lines.

Write, for example,’The night is shattered
and the blue stars shiver in the distance.’

The night wind revolves in the sky and sings.

Tonight I can write the saddest lines.
I loved her, and sometimes she loved me too.
Through nights like this one I held her in my arms
I kissed her again and again under the endless sky.

She loved me sometimes, and I loved her too.
How could one not have loved her great still eyes.

Tonight I can write the saddest lines.
To think that I do not have her. To feel that I have lost her.

To hear the immense night, still more immense without her.
And the verse falls to the soul like dew to the pasture.

What does it matter that my love could not keep her.
The night is shattered and she is not with me.

This is all. In the distance someone is singing. In the distance.
My soul is not satisfied that it has lost her.

My sight searches for her as though to go to her.
My heart looks for her, and she is not with me.

The same night whitening the same trees.
We, of that time, are no longer the same.

I no longer love her, that’s certain, but how I loved her.
My voice tried to find the wind to touch her hearing.

Another’s. She will be another’s. Like my kisses before.
Her void. Her bright body. Her infinite eyes.

I no longer love her, that’s certain, but maybe I loved her.
Love is so short, forgetting is so long.

Because through nights like this one I held her in my arms
my soul is not satisfied that it has lost her.

Though this be the last pain that she makes me suffer
and these the last verses that I write for her.

– Pablo Neruda


** i was trying to find appropriate pictures on the net for poem… i came across this picture and my initial reaction was, it was perfect, except it was the man walking away and not the woman.. at the time i was posting this i was talking to a friend of mine Li Nan 李南, and she pointed out that the picture is also appropriate since it could mean the man is walking away because he is trying to let go og the girl (which is in fact the poem’s message) so I posted it. 😀


Sticky Note Wish (Tagalog Translation)

There were some who requested for the Tagalog translation of Sticky Note Wish, the last song from the Fated to Love You drama. Honestly the Filipino language is not my strongest point — so I was hesitant to translate it. Thankfully, I met someone who is pretty good with Tagalog. The entire translation was being made by babyunfixhart. If you use this somewhere else please do credit her. Will also be updating the Sticky Note Wish Entry :D.


Sticky Note Wish (Tagalog Translation)

Sa bawat araw na lumiplipas, lalo akong napapalapit sa iyong puso
Sa tuwing ika’y maligaya, ganon din ang kaligayahang taglay sa akin
at sa bawat kasiyahang iyan nagsisilbi itong lakas sa akin

Naiinip, nababagot sa paghihintay sa darating na GEMINI
O sa mga ilan ilang mga umuulan na bulalakaw sa gabing matanglaw
Ang pinakamahal na bagay ay hindi naman kailangan maging ganyan,
Ang pagkakaroon ng nakakasilaw na brilyante ay hindi mahalaga,
Sa simpleng pagtingin sa iyong mga kumikislap mong mga mata
Mamamalasan ito ng kasayahan dulot ng simpleng bagay lamang

Ang iyong mga nadarama ipahiwatig sa pamamagitan ng isang sulat Nang sa ganon maipadala ito hanggang sa dulo ng mundo
At maging ang mga pinaka ordinaryo at masasabi ring
Walang kwentang bagay ay magiging maganda at kapakipakinabang
Basta’t ikaw lamang ang iyong puso sa paniniwalang ito
At piliting ang mga pangarap ay manunukal sa iyong puso

Sa hindi makakalimutan panahon ng iyong buhay
itaho ito sa isang sulok ng iyong pusot isip at pagkalaon ay iyong paggugunita

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Upcoming Military Enlistments

I have been a Korean addict from the time I’ve seen Lover’s in Paris. I remember I was in college at that time. It shown on TV right after the Meteor Garden fever. Because of this show, one of the Korean actors I adore was Lee Dong Gun. But he has nothing to do with this post — at least not yet. We’ll not yet since he hasn’t enlisted for the South Korean army.

According to wikipedia,  South Korea has a mandatory military service of 24 to 27 months. as mandatory military service of 24 to 27 months. There are no alternatives for conscientious objectors except imprisonment. So in general, most Korean males have to serve the army for about 2 years or so.

Apparenlty even actors and singers are not exepmt from this military service. As many of you may know  Gong Yoo (from Coffee Prince) is currenlty in the army. A friend of mine adores him and she just can’t wait for the time when he finishes his service so he can make more series! ahahah — 1 more year to go!

I recently found an article on asianfanatics about actors who will be enlisting in the army. Two of the are my favorites…

The actors mentioned in the article who will be enlisting are

Kim Jae Won  (he’s the guy from Wonderful Life and 100 days from Ms. Arrogant) kim-jae-won

Jo In Sung (awww… no more jo in sung for 2 years, he’s my favorite number 1) — he is the guy from Memories in Bali


Kim Rae Won (favorite number 2) , he’s the guy from My Little Bride and Love Story in Harvard


Other actors mentioned in the article were Jo Han-seon of Sweet Lies, Choi Ji-woo’s Star’s Lover co-star Lee Ki-woo, and Choi Ji-woo’s real-life love Lee Jin-wook.

I’m sure most fans will find it a little sad, but you just have to wait for 2 years and they come back. 😀

credits to DOLCE@asianfanatics,  source: Star News, Hankook Ilbo, Newsen
translations: dramabeans


Like Being Hit By A Gun – Baek Ji Young

Another Kpop song I’m posting is a sad song by Baek Ji Young. I saw this first on Pops in Seoul. I did not understand the lyrics then but from what I saw from the video, this is a sad song. Since I’m a sucker for this kind of songs — so I’m posting it. 😀

Like Being Hit By A Gun (Romanization)

chong majun kotcheorom jeongshinee neomu obshi
ooseumman nawaseo keunyang ooseoseo keunyang ooseosseo keunyang

heotalhakeh oosumyeo hanaman moodja haesseo
uri wae hyeohjyeo oddeokeh hyeohjyeo oddeokeh hyeohjyeo

goomongnan gaseumeh uri chookee heulleo nomchyeo
jababoryeo haedo gaseumuel magado
sonkarak sa eero bbajyeonaka

shimjangee meomchyeodo eereoke ahpuel got gatjin anha
oddeokeh jom haejyeo nal jom chiryohaejyo
eeroda nae gaseum da manggachyeo
goomongnan gaseumee

oneusae noonmoori nado moreugeh heulleo
eerogi shireunde jeongmal shireunde jeongmal shireunde jeongmal

irosoneun neol ddara moojakjeong chocha kasseo
domangchideut kotnun noeui dwiyeseo noeui dwiyeseo
goomongnan gaseume uri chookee heulleo nom chyeo
jababoryeo haedo gaseumeul magado
songarak saeero bbajyeonaga
shimjangee momchyeodo eereoke ahpeul kot gatjin anha
oddeokeh jeom haejyeo nal jeom chiryeohaejyeo
eeroda nae gaseum da mangkachyeo
chong majeun kotchoreom jeongmal kaseumee neomu ahpa
eereoke ahpuende eereoke ahpuende
sal sooga eetdanun geh eesanghae

oddeokeh noreul eejeo naega keuron keot naneun meolla meolla
kaseumee bbong ddeuryeo chaeool soo obseoseo
jooguel malgeum ahpuegiman hae
chong majeun kotchoreom

Like Being Hit By A Gun (Translation)

Like being hit by a gun
I really don’t have any mentality
Because only laughter comes out
I just smiled
I just smiled
I just…

While smiling hopelessly, I only had one question
Why did we break up
How could we break up
How could we break up

In my punctured heart, our memories flow … they over flow
Even though I’m trying to hold on, even though I block off my heart
They slip through my fingers

Even though my heart is cold, it doesn’t seem like it hurts
How can you do that? Please heal me.
At this rate, my heart will break completely
My punctured heart

Already, my tears flow without me knowing
I hate being like this but…
I really hate it but…
I really…

You stand up and I follow
Aimlessly I followed
You’re running away, from behind you
From behind you
I cried out


Like being hit by a gun, really
My heart hurts a lot
Although I hurt like this
Although I hurt like this
It’s weird how I can live

How can I forget you?
I don’t know how to do that, I don’t know
My heart is pierced
It can’t be full
It hurts as much as death
Like being hit by a gun

Like Being Hit by a Gun (Hangul)

총 맞은 것처럼 정신이 너무 없어
웃음만 나와서 그냥 웃었어 그냥 웃었어 그냥

허탈하게 웃으며 하나만 묻자 했어
우리 왜 헤어져 어떻게 헤어져 어떻게 헤어져

구멍난 가슴에 우리 추억이 흘러 넘쳐
잡아보려 해도 가슴을 막아도
손가락 사이로 빠져나가

심장이 멈춰도 이렇게 아플 것 같진 않아
어떻게 좀 해줘 날 좀 치료해줘
이러다 내 가슴 다 망가져
구멍난 가슴이

어느새 눈물이 나도 모르게 흘러
이러기 싫은데 정말 싫은데 정말 싫은데 정말

일어서는 널 따라 무작정 쫓아 갔어
도망치듯 걷는 너의 뒤에서 너의 뒤에서
구멍난 가슴에 우리 추억이 흘러 넘쳐
잡아보려 해도 가슴을 막아도
손가락 사이로 빠져나가
심장이 멈춰도 이렇게 아플 것 같진 않아
어떻게 좀 해줘 날 좀 치료해줘
이러다 내 가슴 다 망가져
총 맞은 것처럼 정말 가슴이 너무 아파
이렇게 아픈데 이렇게 아픈데
살 수가 있다는 게 이상해

어떻게 너를 잊어 내가 그런 건 나는 몰라 몰라
가슴이 뻥뚫려 채울 수 없어서
죽을 만큼 아프기만 해
총 맞은 것처럼

** credits to for the hangul, lovecubedlee@soompi for the romanization and CHARM*@soompi for the translation, credits also to KoJaEntertainment@youtube for the video

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I’m Sorry – Gummy ft. T.O.P

I’ve been wanting to post this song for a long time but I absolutely forgot about it. Well until this morning, when one of my officemates was watching it. I actually downloaded the video to show to the people in the office because this video featured Sandara Park.

The song I’m posting is Gummy’s I’m Sorry (Mianheayo). This particular song has a jazz, electronic feel to it, and of course it was sung by Gummy, who to me has one of the best voices. The song’s rap part was done by T.O.P who also appears in the video as the guy who is angry with the love of his life for leaving him. The guys girlfriend is being played by Sandara Park (though its unfortunate she had to die in the video). The video, like the song is a sad one. I have to say Sandara Park is very pretty in the video.  I already posted the video in some of my older posts but I’m posting it again :D. Enjoy!

I’m Sorry (Romanization)


Na~~ X24

geudal dashi saranghalggaeyo
olmana manheun shigani
urireul chinagagu chinagadon
saramdeul mudouril chokpukhaettchyo
ochonchi uneuleun uaenchi geudaeea binchariga namodugo haruchungil nunmul manheulryottchyo

mianhaeyo~ geudaereul apeugaehaeso
mianhaeyo~ haechongae nomu obsoso
mianhaeyo~ geudaereul ichimuthaeso
mianhaeyo~ hajimanuneuleun ggukhanbon geudalbugushipoyo

manheun yoja chongnae nunae sseuk deul aheun non
machi yonghwa sukae chuingung geunyoae ah reum daom eun
chol dae bbori chilso obtotnae
geu ron naaegae sangchoreul chodani
michin deutihohwihaedu nuechotchi
nae non moleul mudona gado cholggae
nal yongsohae pudakhae moreup kkulgae..
chaebalnaega gihwireulcho
mianhaeso ggeu chokidon pyonchideuleun dajjit oh poryetto
keunyang halmaritto chamshi naegae shiganeulcho ah~

ajikdu geudaega gaseumsukae naronhagu ittdamyeon
hengbokhaettdon geu nalchorom dashi gguk anahcholggaeyo~~woo
shigaman manheun nardeuli geudaereul himdeulgae hae ahpeugaehae ammudo sunnaemilji anadu
onjaena bilocholggaeyo
geudaereul doisanghimdeulgae haji anheulggae

mianhaeyo~ keudareul appugaehaeso (geudaelapeugae haeso)
mianhaeyo~ heajongae nomuwo opsohso (nan nomo obsoso)
mianhaeyo~ (chongmalmianhaeyo)
keudareul ichimutaeso (geudaelittchimuthaeso)
mianhaeyo~ hajimanuneuleun ggukhanbon geudalbugushipoyo

olmana manheun apeumgua
olmana manheun gutung gua
olmana manheun nonmoleul geudaenun gyondyo naetteulgga
olmana manheun apeumgua
olmana manheun guttung gua
olmana manheun nunmuleul geudaenun apa hagin haetteulgga


keudareul apalsuga
mianhaeyo~ keudareul appugaehaeso
mianhaeyo~ hejonhae nomuwo opsohso
nega mianhaeyo~ keudareul ichimutaeso
chongmal mianhaeyo~ saranghae

I’m Sorry (Translation)

when the morning comes will i be able to see you again
i’ll love you like the first time we met
no matter how much time passes us
everyone blesses us
for some reason, your [empty]seat feels so empty
all day i cry

i’m sorry for hurting you
i’m sorry for doing nothing for you
i’m sorry for not forgetting you
i’m sorry, but today
i want to see you one last time

(rap) TOP

out of all those girls, you caught my eye
she’s beautiful like the main character in a movie
i couldn’t get her out of my mind

but i gave you scars
my sincere apology is late
i’ll give you all my tears
please forgive me, i’ll beg on my knees

please give me a chance
i was so sorry i ripped up all the letters
i just have something to say, give me a minute

if you still want me in your heart
i’ll hold you like that day when we were happy
those past days were hard for you
no one lent a helping hand

i’ll always be on your side [t/n: very rough, but i think that’s what they mean]
i wont burden you any more

i’m sorry for hurting you (for hurting you)
i’m sorry for not doing anything for you (i really didn’t)
i’m sorry (i’m really sorry)
beacuse i couldn’t forget you (because i couldn’t forget you)
i’m sorry, but today
i want to see you one last time


how many pains
how many accidents

how many tears you shed alone
how many pains

how many accidents
how many tears hurt you

i’m sorry for hurting you
i’m sorry for not forgetting you

i’m sorry for not forgetting you
i’m really sorry, i love you

I’m Sorry (Hangul)

아침이 밝아오면 나 그댈 다시 볼 수 있나요
처음만난 그 순간처럼 그댈 다시 사랑할께요
얼마나 많은 시간이 우리를 지나가고 지나가던
사람들 모두 우릴 축복했죠
어쩐지 오늘은 왠지 그대의 빈자리가 너무도 커
하루종일 눈물만 흘렸죠..

미안해요 그대를 아프게해서
미안해요 해준게 너무 없어서
미안해요 그대를 잊지못해서
미안해요 하지만 오늘은
꼭 한번 그댈 보고싶어요

(rap) TOP

많은 여자 중 내 눈에 쏙 들어온 넌
마치 영화 속에 주인공 그녀에 아름다움은
절대 뿌리 칠 수 없었네

그런 너에게 상처를 주다니
미친듯이 후회해도 늦었지
네 눈물을 모두다 거둬 줄께
날 용서해 부탁해 무릎 꿇게.. uh~

제발 내게 기회를 줘
미안해서 끄적이던 편지들은 다 찢어 버렸어
그냥 할 말 있어 잠시 내게 시간을 줘

아직도 그대 가슴속 에 날 원하고 있다면
행복했던 그 날처럼 다시 꼭 안아 줄께요
지나간 많은 날들이 그대를 힘들게 해 아프게 해
아무도 손 내밀지 않아도

언제나 빌어 줄께요
그대를 더이상 힘들게 하지 않을께..

미안해요 그대를 아프게 해서 (그댈 아프게 해서)
미안해요 해준게 너무 없어서 (난 너무 없어서)
미안해요 (정말 미안해요)
그대를 잊지못해서 (그댈 잊지 못해서)
미안해요 하지만 오늘은
꼭 한번 그댈 보고 싶어요


얼마나 많은 아픔과
얼마나 많은 고통과

얼마나 많은 눈물을 그대는 견뎌 냈을까
얼마나 많은 아픔과

얼마나 많은 고통과
얼마나 많은 눈물을 그대는 아파 하긴 했을까

미안해요 그대를 아프게해서
미안해요 해준게 너무 없어서

내가 미안해요 그대를 잊지 못해서
정말 미안해요 사랑해요

** credits to Ezreen (romanization), orangebubbles (translation), MelOn’s website(Hangul lyrics) and firefaery@asianfanatics, credits to lakartiae@youtube for the video

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Half – Hwayobi

I’m currently sharing a blog with 4 other friends who are self confessed Asian addicts like me. One of my friends, innocent 色男, posted Hwayobi’s comeback song on the site. Thus, I decided to post it here as well (more like copy it! ahahaha).

The song I’m posting is her comeback song Half. I was not really familiar who Hwayobi is until she was paired up with Hwanhee (of Fly to the Sky) in We Got Married. Since both of them were singers, they sang Endless Love on the first night they met. I have to say that was one of the best renditions I’ve heard of the song. And from that time on I started to love that couple — also because my favorite couple (Andy and Solby) did an exit on the 28th episode.

This MV of this song by the way is being banned in Korea due to some scenes. There are lots of MV’s that have been banned there like Seung Ri’s Strong Baby and Mirotic (which they changed the lyrics to “under my sky” — instead of “under my skin”).

Half (Romanization)

geuredo neol saranghae, sarang
neoman saranghae, sarang
shimjangi dugeundaego
nan hansumdo mot jagesseo
ni maltu ni pyojeongkkaji
nan hanbeondo nochin jeok eopseo
saranghaneun yeojan haengbokhadae janha
nan wae iroehge apeun geoya
ireom an doendago sorichyeobwado
nan amugeotdo an deullyeo
geuredo neol saranghae
neoman saranghae
banjjokman gajyeoda
haengbokhal su isseo
jogeum neujeun nae sarangi jeonbu jalmosigo
neon eojjeol su eoptnen geojanha
hal su eoptjanha
nun tteumyeon ni saenggage
nun gamado michigesseo
eojjeoda yeogil watneunji
neomu himdeul geol da almyeonseo
sarangen tto dasi dareun sarangeuro
kkaekkeusii ithyeojindaejanha
naman saenggakhae cham motdeon yeojaya
tto geu saenggage ureosseo
geuredo neol saranghae
neoman saranghae
banjjokman gajyeodo
haengbokhal su isso
jogeum neujeun nae sarangi jeonbu jalmosigo
neon eojjeol su eoptnen geojanha
eojjeol su eoptgetjiman
nado aljiman
hanbeonman ni gaseume angigo sipeo
nareul aneun ni maeumen naega eoptgetjiman
geureohgerado hago sipeo
hal su itdamyeon
Half (Translation)
**the translation is not complete.. for the complete translation please watch the video 😀
I only love you,
My heart is palpitating that I can’t sleep,
I never missed your way of speaking and your expression.
A woman in love supposed to be happy,
But why it is so painful to me,
I say ‘no’ shouting but I can’t listen myself.

But I love you,
I only love you,
I should be happy with a half of you,
My delayed love,
It’s my fault you couldn’t help with that,
You couldn’t help with that..

Once I used to struggle thinking of you,
It seemed difficult already that I couldn’t handle it,
A wounded heart should be cured by another love,
I only think about you…

** credits to iiecha @ jpopasia, rikkimargarette @ youtube, for the translation Leandrosxxi] soompi
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Rain on Discovery Channel

I liked Rain (Bi) eversince I saw his drama Full House. From that time I watched most of his dramas and I listened to his songs. He is one of the best Korean dancers. And, to me he is one of the Korean artists I look forward to hearing news from.


One of the recent news about Rain (which I know most Rain fans will be excited about) is that he will be featured on Discovery Channel. So for Rain fans who have cable TV, the date to watch out for is Feb. 23 (it will be shown all over Asia). Rain will be featured in a documentary which portays Rain as symbol of Korean pop culture that has flourished in the past decade. The special program will be called “Hip Korea”. According to the article I saw, this show focuses on the popularity of Korean pop culture and Rain is being featured as he is a “Korean cultural icon who appeals to worldwide audiences”.



I’ll try to see if I can catch this show! But kudos to Rain!!

By the way I also read somewhere that when Rain promotes in the States, he will not be using the name Rain since there is a Beatles tribute band who uses that name. He will instead use the name “The Rain” for promotions — sounds a little weird :D. I’ll forgot where I read that article, I’ll try to post it if I can find it..

credits to bubbletea29@asianfanatics and


Timeless – Jang Ri In feat Xiah Junsu

If you’ve been reading my blog I’m sure you’ve noticed that I am a DBSK fan :D. And like I’ve mentioned, among the 5 gorgeous (and not to mention sizzling hot) guys, my favorite is Xiah Junsu — I just love his voice and the way he dances. The song I am posting now is a duet he had with Jang Ri In, a Korean singer of Chinese origins. If I’m not mistaken, this is Jang Ri In’s first single, which was released sometime in 2006 (yup its kinda old). I’ve been listening to this song for quite sometime but I never got to watch the video until now. The song of course is another ballad and is kind of sad. But I like the way their voices blends — and I’m especially biased when it comes to Xiah’s voice.

The video has 2 parts, there a story to it. I won’t be telling you the details because I think its worth watching — just a comment though, Korean’s really know how to make good plots even though its only a music video (perfect example is Kiss’ Because I’m a Girl). The Music Video features Choi Siwon (yay!) and Han Kyung (Han Geng) of Super Junior and actress Lee Yeon Hee (East of Eden).

Timeless (MV Part 1)

Timeless (MV Part 2)

Timeless (Romanization)

Ahn dweh yoh, nal no ah bu lee myun,
Himdeul uh do yuh gi duh muh mool luh yo.

Jo Geum man duh bol soo it da myun,
Nam eun sarang man keum oo suh bol ten deh

Timeless, e byul eun a ni jyo,
han bun eh salm e la myun gi geum bboon in deh, Hold tight, baby,
Timeless, e ga seum eh mood uh yoh,
Soongan eh yul byung churum jam shi man, ah peul bboon e ni,
We both argree…
This is timeless love…

Seh Sang Eul Darah nan ga ji man (ga bo ji man)
Seul peum mah juh ham keh ga neun gun ga yoh?

Nu muh ge li wot dun nal bool luh bon ge deh,
Ma eum bboon eh sang chyu neun ah mool geh jyo

Chun bun eh noon mool sam ki myun, ge ddeh suh ya al geh dwel ka yo (dwe na yo?)
Neh son jab a yoh, dduh na geh mal a yo

Timeless, e byul eun a ni jyo,
han bun eh salm e la myun gi geum bboon in deh, Hold tight, baby,
Timeless, e ga seum eh mood uh yoh,
Soongan eh yul byung churum jam shi man, ah peul bboon e ni,
We both argree…
This is timeless love…

Yeah…baby its timeless…oh baby it’s timeless
Timeless, dol a gal soo it da myun,
Soongan eh yul byung churum jam shi man, ah peul bboon e ni,
We both agree.
This is timeless, this is timeless love.

Timeless (Translation)

No, you can’t let me go.
Even though it’s hard, stay longer.

If I can see you a bit more,
I’d smile for the rest of our love.

Timeless, this isn’t a goodbye,
If it’s one life, it’s now, hold tight baby
Timeless, put it in your heart,
It’ll just hurt for a while, just like the flu
We both agree,
This is timeless love…

I leave with the whole world (I try)
Will the sadness leave as well?

You called me because you missed me,
The pain inside my heart will heal

Swallowing the thousand tears,
Will I find out by then (will I?)
Hold my hand don’t leave

Timeless, this isn’t a goodbye,
If it’s one life, it’s now, hold tight baby
Timeless, put it in your heart,
It’ll just hurt for a while, just like the flu
We both agree,
This is timeless love…

Yeah…baby it’s timeless…oh baby it’s timeless

Timeless, if we could go back,
It’ll just hurt for a while like the flu,
We both agree,
This is timeless this is timeless love

** credits to ginaaax3@soompi for the lyrics, woaiya and aikulet810@youtube for the videos

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