Utada Hikaru has a new song!

Yay! Utada Hikaru has a new song! Actually, the new song will be featured in her english album which will be released sometime in March this year. Her new song is entitled Come Back To Me.


This song has not yet been released but you can hear in on this site (click on the link):

island records utada hikaru

I did some research this song will be available will become available as a downloadable ringtone in the U.S. on Feb 9, and in Japan on Feb 18. The title of her new album is still to be announced.


Sandara in the Return of Iljimae

I have to say this year is a good one for Sandara Park. In one of my early entries, I mentioned that she is currently preparing for her debut as one of the Big Bang Girls. I was reading asianfanatics earlier and another news about her was reported. Apparently she will be appearing on MBC’s (Korean network) Return of Iljimae, the drama that stars Jung Il Woo. This drama is currently airing in Korea and she will be appearing on episode that airs on Feb. 11. Sandara will be playing a Japanese girl in the drama who falls in love with Iljimae.

sandara in the return of iljimae

sandara in the return of iljimae


Return of IljimaeReturn of Iljimae

Compared to the previous roles that she had done here in the country, this will be quite different. Where as here she played the starring role, she will just be playing Rie – a very small role (but I think a significant one) in the drama. But I think that’s ok, since she was quite popular in the Philippines while she is just starting out in Korea.

You go girl! I’m sure every Filipino is cheering for our favorite krung-krung! 😀

sources: francesca@asianfanatics, abs-cbn.com, shamshpgirl

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