Sandara Park is one of the Big Bang Girls

“In or out am I in or out?”… “Ang ganda ko, feel na feel ko ang long hair ko…”

Remember these songs? Yes those were the songs made popular by Sandara Park in the Philippines. This Korean gal made it famous here when she made it big in ABS-CBN’s star circle quest (she won second place). After that particular show, there was a string of offers for her in the country (Philippines). She was even hailed as the “pambansang krung krung“. However this gal decided to leave her career in the Philippines to try and make it big in her home country in Korea. The last news I heard about her was that she was a trainee under YG entertainment.

Sandara during her Star Circle Days

Sandara during her Star Circle Days

The other day, I was looking at and I saw an article about her. The article mentioned  that she is to be launched as one of the members of the Big Bang girls. They are YG’s new girl group which has the same number like that of the popular Korean group Big Bang. It is said that G-Dragon (from Big Bang) will be producing the album.

I was not a fan of Sandee during the days she was an actress in the Philippines. But I remember enjoying her “krung krung” moments. I am glad though that she made it big there… She has a career! Congrats!!

** If you’re not familiar who she is, she’s the one who starred alongside T.O.P in Gummy’s I’m Sorry MV. See the video below.