Sticky Note Wish – Shorty Yuan & Quack Wu

My favorite song from the Fated to Love You soundtrack is the ending song of the drama. Its called Sticky Note Wish (Xin Yuan Bian Li Tie) and is sung by Shorty Yuan (Yuan Ruo Lan) and Quack Wu (Wu Zhong Ming). I love then tone of this song. It reminds you of princesses and fairy tales and happy endings. I hope you like the song.

Oh and by the way it was a little difficult to find an MV for this song. But thanks to ping0411, I got to post a video (yay!).

UPDATE!!! – A friend of mine helped me translation (since Tagalos is not my strongest point). Please do not use the translation without permission (just leave a comment on my blog) and crediting babyunfixhart.

Xin Yuan Bian Li Tie (Romanization)

yi tian yi tian tie jin ni de xin ni kai xin wo guan xin
yi dian yi di wo dou neng gan ying ni shi wo zui mei de xiang xin

deng bu dao shuang zi zuo liu xing yu sa man tian di
xian dian ran jiu zhi xian nv bang dai ti

zui can lan bu yi ding yao xu duo zuan shi huang jin
kan ni yan jing you xing fu de dao ying

ba ni de tao yan zhai ji bian song dao tian bian
ping fan de sha shi yong le xin bian cheng jing dian

cun man man de xin yuan bian li tie tie cheng wu xian
jiu shi wo men zui fu you de xuan yan

ba ni de xi huan mei yi tian fu xi liang bian
jing xi de yu yan wo de tian tong tong ying yan

ni he wo de xin yuan bian li tie tie xin li mian
shou ji gan dong gei yi hou huai nian

yi tian yi tian tie jin ni de xin
yi dian yi di wo dou neng gan ying

ni shi zui mei de xiang xin

Sticky Note Wish (Translation)

Day by day I come closer to your heart
When you’re happy I care
Every bits and pieces I can sense them
You are my most beautiful belief

Can’t wait for Gemini
or the meteor rain to shower the entire sky
Then let’s light up 9 sparklers instead for now

The most brilliant thing doesn’t have to be
having a lot of diamonds or money
Looking in your eyes
I can see the shadow of happiness

Take your hatefulness
and use express mail to send it to the ends of the world
The most ordinary and foolish thing
can become a classic when you put your heart into it
A sticky note
full of wishes stick to your heart
Collect all the touching moments and remember them later on

Day by day I come closer to your heart
Every bits and pieces I can sense them
You are my most beautiful belief

Sticky Note Wish ( Tagalog Translation)

Sa bawat araw na lumiplipas, lalo akong napapalapit sa iyong puso
Sa tuwing ika’y maligaya, ganon din ang kaligayahang taglay sa akin
at sa bawat kasiyahang iyan nagsisilbi itong lakas sa akin

Naiinip, nababagot sa paghihintay sa darating na GEMINI
O sa mga ilan ilang mga umuulan na bulalakaw sa gabing matanglaw
Ang pinakamahal na bagay ay hindi naman kailangan maging ganyan,
Ang pagkakaroon ng nakakasilaw na brilyante ay hindi mahalaga,
Sa simpleng pagtingin sa iyong mga kumikislap mong mga mata
Mamamalasan ito ng kasayahan dulot ng simpleng bagay lamang

Ang iyong mga nadarama ipahiwatig sa pamamagitan ng isang sulat Nang sa ganon maipadala ito hanggang sa dulo ng mundo
At maging ang mga pinaka ordinaryo at masasabi ring
Walang kwentang bagay ay magiging maganda at kapakipakinabang
Basta’t ikaw lamang ang iyong puso sa paniniwalang ito
At piliting ang mga pangarap ay manunukal sa iyong puso

Sa hindi makakalimutan panahon ng iyong buhay
itaho ito sa isang sulok ng iyong pusot isip at pagkalaon ay iyong paggugunita

** credits to bea31590 for posting the translation of this lyrics, thanks to babyunfixhart for the tagalog translations

If you like the song please click here.


Author: chipskjaa

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  2. sorry for sounding rude but i don’t quite get it why tagalog translations is needed for this song. the english one is quite understandable.. stick with it.


  3. hello! it’s a little difficult for me to do the translations in tagalog (“,) sorry.. if someone is interested in translating this song to tagalog please do.. i’ll gladly put it up on my site — you can use the english translation provided to make it easier! 😀


  4. uhmm.. hey thanks for posting this one…. you have a correction of posting the tagalog version of this song…. you only translate it THROUGH WORDS.. 🙂 but there is a filipino version of this song.. i mean FILIPINOS ARE NOT COPYCATS!! the title is “TRUE LOVE KO” which means “MY TRUE LOVE” … they changed the lyrics and s0me of the song’s notes and tunes…. the filipino version is a little slower than the original version…. they also made the song “BALISA” which is the tagolog version of “99 TIMES I LOVE HIM” …. they made the filipino version of these songs because fated to love you is also aired in the Philippines…..


    1. hi nina! 😀
      for the translation made in the blog this was done before the
      tagalog version of the song was made.. thus its not the same as the one you
      heard in the drama… the translations was done from the original mandarin lyrics of the song..


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