99 Times I Love Him – Shorty Yuan

Awhile back I posted an entry about Fated to Love You. Since this is one of my favorite Taiwanese drama, I decided to post the OST of the drama. The first song I am posting is the opening theme of the drama. Its called 99 Times I love Him (99 Ci Wo Ai Ta) sung by Shorty Yuan (Yuan Ruo Lan). Everytime I hear this song I am always reminded of the drama. Enjoy!

If you watch the video, please wait until the first 30 seconds is over to hear the song :D. Credits to mandyenen for posting this video (its a little difficult to find a nice MV for this song).

99 Wo Ci Ai Ta (Romanization)

bao jia li ya mei gui de jing you
quan di zai ta gang cai jian guo wo de shou
heng chong zhi zhuang wo de xin xiang yi ke duo bi qiu
shei dong ai ting zai shou li duo jiu

xue wen dao li jiao ke shu dou you
lian ai shang shang jian dao di na li qiu
ru guo you jiao shou wo yi ding yao nu li xiu
qiu bi te ya kuai wei wo jia you

duo xiang dai zhe lei da dao ta meng li zi xi diao cha
ai de zheng ka hai you mei you fu ka
ye xiang na qi sao ba zai ta xin de xi xi shua shua
bu zhuan xin de nian tou ya yi ya yi dou qing chu la

jiu shi jiu ci wo ai ta shao le yan pi hui luan zha
yao ta neng xin dian gan ying wo de xiang fa
mei tian nian zhe ta de ming zi ya yi ya yi yi ju bu cha

jiu shi jiu ci wo ai ta shao le tou fa hui fen cha
yao ta de xiang nian mei tian zhun shi da ka
ai xiang bin qi lin zai jue li rong hua

99 Times I Love Him (Translation)

The essential oil from Bulgarian rose
is poured on my hand that he just held
Recklessly rush ahead, my heart is like a dodgeball
Who understands how long love stays in the hand

Knowledge, reasons are in the textbooks
Where do I go pray for good fortune in love
If there is a professor for it, I will definitely study hard
Cupid, hurry and cheer for me

So want to bring a radar into his dream to investigate carefully
Is there an extra card for love
Also want to get a broom to his heart to clean up
Those fleeting thoughts, yayiyayi, clean them up

99 times I love him, the eye flutters if it’s less
Want him to intuitively know my thoughts
Say his name everyday, yayiyayi, never miss a word

99 times I love him, the hair has split ends if it’s less
Want him to think of me like clock work
Love is like an ice cream melting in the mouth

** I got the romanization and the translation from dramawiki.

If you like the song click here.


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2 thoughts

  1. thank you so much for sharing the OST! i’ve been looking for them everywhere…. this is my favorite taiwanese drama ever!


    1. you’re very welcome! this is one of my favorite drama’s too ๐Ÿ˜€ i’ll be posting more of the fated to love you ost later.. so just check out the posts once in a while ๐Ÿ˜€


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