Dance as though no one is watching you

I was just finished watching My Name is Kim Sam Soon (this is the second time I watched this drama). The quote from the last episode of the drama is one of my favorites. Then while I was browsing the net, I saw a picture which states the quote.. and I decided to put it on my blog.


This is how I want to live my life and I hope this is how you would live you’re life too. 😀


Interesting Skittles Commercial

I was reading one of my favorite blogs (, and she posted a very interesting commercial. It was a skittles commercial for their campaign, “reflect the rainbow, taste the rainbow”. To me it was very interesting not because of the Filipino’s kick. It was interesting because of it featured a Thai and a Filipino. This is probably the first time I saw both nationalities in one commercial. It’s interesting to me because I am both a Thai and a Filipino :D.

So here it is.. eh nagugutom ako eh! 😀

enjoy! (“,)

** credits to ult1m8jonathan for posting this video on youtube