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Gemini – Spongecola

Spongecola is my favorite Pinoy bands. I liked them eversince I heard their version of Madonna’s Crazy For You. The song I am sharing is one of the tracks from their album called Palabas. The song is called Gemini. I absolutely love the song’s lyrics (though this is not my favorite song from the album). The song’s video follows the story of Romeo and Juliet. The person who played Romeo in the video is actually the brother of the band’s lead singer. Enjoy.


Come a little closer
Flicker in flight
We’ll have about an inch space
But I’m here I can breathe in
What you breathe out

Let me know if I’m doing this right
Let me know if my grip’s too tight
Let me know if I can stay all of my life
Let me know if dreams can come true
Let me know if this one’s yours too

‘Cause I see it
And I feel it
Right here
And I feel you right here

The vacuous night
Steps aside to give meaning
To Gemini’s dreaming
The moon on it’s back
And the seemingly
Veiled room’s lit
By the same star

And I feel it right here
And I feel you right here


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