Peach – Ai Otsuka

Another nice jdorama that I watched was Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (For You in full Bloom).. or better known as Hana Kimi. This was the drama adaptation of the manga with the same title. It starred Oguri Shun,  Horikita Maki, Ikuta Toma and Mizushima Hiro.

The upbeat ending theme of the jdorama is sung by Ai Otsuka. I love the beat of the song, though at first I did not recognize that it was Ai Otsuka’s voice. The songs music video has a pink peach which i found is sooo kawaii! ahahaha.. And I just realized that a peach, when you look at it upside down looks like the shape of a heart! cool huh! 😀

So here is the video that I am ranting about:

Peach Lyrics (Romanji)

taiyou sansan
moriagaru kotoshi wa uta itai
kibun runrun
nomitai houdai waraitai

yureru yureru kokoro ni
dokidoki shitai na
soremo sou kana rakuen
ah~ ah~ ah~
natsu da ne

hikkurikaeru ai no mark
itten de fuantei dakara
sugu itten suru dakedo
kaeshite miseru yo

hikkurikaeru ai no mark
nanbai mono power ga hitsuyou
ganbatte miseru yo
aishichau kara

yuu’utsu ni bye bye
sonna hima wa nai motta inai
dappi de bye bye
ii tokoro mitara chance desho

hitamukisa ga daiji nee
wasureta ano hi
itsu no ma ni yogoreta n da
ah~ ah~ ah~

oishii darake no yuuwaku
sukoshi kurai shinpai shitatte ii janai
shinjiteru kedo

oshiri ga hoshii kereba ageru wa
sashigeteki na yoru to iyashi no asa yooi suru ne

suikonda naka ni zatteta akuma to tenshi
osedo osedo hiki
moto ni kaeshitara
high touch !

peach !
nanigoto mo balance
otagai my pace
rhythm ni awasete

peach !
yappa isshoni iyou yo
iru beki da yo
kigen nao shite tanoshi mou you no natsu wo

hikkurikaeru ai no mark
nanbai mono power ga hitsuyou
ganbatte miseru yo

aishichau kara

aishichau kara

aishichau kara

Peach (English Translation) – translated by crystalise

Oh, sunny sun sun, you make me want to sing as you warm up the year.*
What a euphoric feeling, drinking whatever I want and laughing whenever.

Ah, I want my jiggling heart to keep throbbing like this…
Perhaps that’s the feeling of… paradise.
Ah~ I got it, it’s actually the feeling of summer!!

PEACH!! A peach is really an upside-down love mark.
See, it wasn’t really stable standing on that little point and got flipped over,
So I’m going to flip it back up again and give it back to you!
PEACH!! A peach is an upside-down love mark.
It’s going to take more effort to turn it around, but I’m gonna show you what I got!
Because I’m in love with you.

A depressing bye-bye, it’s so sad that I have no time for you at the moment!
As the bye-bye keeps wearing on, I begin to see that I have to take my chances
When I find a good spot!

No! It’s important for me to stay focused on life and forget about those days.
Wait a sec, when did I get so tainted!?
Ah~! It seems that I’ve grown up!!!

BEACH!! A place filled with the allurement of buttocks everywhere.
It’s normal for me to be a little concerned over this predicament
But I have faith in you.
BEACH!! If it’s only buttocks you want, I can give it to you!
I’m ready to show you a night so electrifying, you’ll need the morning to recover.

Mixing the devil and an angel into one deep breath, I’m compelled to keep pulling
To turn the peach back up again, so that I could return it in its original form – now that’s high touch!**

PINCH!! Everything is in harmony and we’re taking it at our own paces***
When the rhythm of our feet meet then – JUMP!! JUMP!!
PINCH!! Just as I thought, being with you is where I should have been all along.
It’s brought back all the good humour and good times to this summer!

PEACH!! A peach is really an upside-down love mark.
It’s going to take more effort to turn it round, but I’m gonna give it my best!
Because I’m in love with you, you, you!!


**  i did not do the translation for this song, this was done by crystalise
please credit the author for the translation if you post this somewhere else

If you liked this song, click here to download.


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