Qing Fei De Yi – Harlem Yu

I mentioned in mye previous blog that my asian addiction started with Meteor Garden. It was shown here in the Philippines 5 years ago. Although it was dubbed into Filipino, I was addicted to it. My cousins and I even recorded it on the computer. We has a TV tuner on the computer and a file which can record from the tv tuner. We recorded it straight from the tv… and we did it for both dramas, meteor garden 1 and 2.

I loved the OST of meteor garden (yes, even broken vow). But my favorite would have to be the beginning song of the first Meteor Garden. Qing Fei De Yi (by Harlem Yu) would have to be my favorite song from the soundtrack.

Video (with Enlish subs)

If you want to get the lyrics of the song you can google it and a lot of lyrics websites will appear. This however is my recommended website:

Qing Fei De Yi Lyrics

This sit has the lyrics written in Chinese and in Romanji . It also has the translation in English. Note however that the translation written in English is slightly different from what you see on the video above.  😀

To download the song click on the link

Qing Fei De Yi Song