perhaps love – goong ost

Goong is one of the best dramas i’ve seen. It was a romantic comedy which tells the story of a simple girl who marries into royalty.

I loved the soundtrack of this drama — one of the reasons why I got hooked on this drama. I especially loved the song called Perhaps Love (Sarangingayo) by J and Howl — so I wanted to share the song.

If you want to sing along here’s the lyrics:

Perhaps Love / Sarangingayo – J & Howl

On-je-yot-don-gon-ji / gi-yong na jin ah-na
ja-ku nae mo-ri-ga / no-ro u-ji-rop-don shi-jak
han-du bon-shik / doh-oh-ryu-dun seng-gak
ja-ku nul-o-ga-so / jo-gum dang-hwang-su-ru-un i ma-umpyol-il-I ah-nil su it-da-go / sa-so-han ma-umi-ra-go
ni-ga ne-ge ja-ku (ne ge ja ku)
ma-rul ha-nun / geh o-saeng-han-gol


sa-rang-in-ga-yo / ku-de nah-wa gat-da-myon shi-jahk-in-ga-yo
ma-mi jah ku gu dael / sa-rang-han-dae-yo
on se-sang-i dud-du-rok / so-ri-chi-ne-yo
wae i-je-ya dul-li-jyoh oooohh…
so-rol man-na-gi we-hyae / i-je-ya sa-rang cha-jat-da-go

ji-gum nae ma-umul / sol-myong-ha-ryoh hae-do
ne-ga nae-ga dwe-o mamul nu kki nun bang bop ppun in de

i-mi nan ni / a-ne / it-nun-gol
ni a-ne / ni-ga it-du shi
u-rin so-ro-we-ge (so ro we ge)
i-mi gil-dul-yo / jin-ji mo-la

Repeat Chorus:

Seng-gak-hae-bo-myon (saeng gahk hae boh myuhn)
Manh-un sun-gan-so-ke (so ke)
Ol-ma-na manhun (yeah) sol-le-im it-ot-nun-ji
jo-gum nujun gu man-kum nan do jal-hyae jul-kke-yo

ham-ke hal-ke-yo / chu-wok-i dwel giokman sol-mul-hal-ke-yo
da-shin nae gyote-so / ddo-na-ji ma-yo
jjal-bun sun-gan-jo-cha-do bul-an-han gol-yo
nae-ge mo-mul-lo-jwoyo oooohh…
Gu-dael i-roh-ke ma-nhi (gu to rok ma-nhi)
Sarang-ha-go wi-so-yo (gu dae yo ya mahn) i mi

*** Romanization done by Kreah (

***  thanks to

To download please click on the link: Perhaps Love


my addictions :D

according to webster, an addict is one who devotes or surrenders (oneself) to something habitually or obsessively

thus addiction does not happen to people who do drugs or people who drink alchohol excessively. so long as a person devotes or surrenders to something habitually  — then ur an addict

i have 2 addictions:

1. i’m a lip balm addict – yes you can be addicted to lip balms… if you can’t leave your house putting on a dab of your favorite flavor of chapstick then you sure are one! —- me… i  definitely cannot live without  a lip balm, i put on some before i leave the house, every after a meal i make it a point to visit the washroom so to put on some lip balm, i don’t know what to do without it.

2. i’m currently experiencing the asian addiction – i’m addicted to asian dramas, music and stars. i am an asian (half thai and half filipino) but my addiction is an addiction to anything chinese (madarin and cantonese), japanese and korean. i’ve been bitten by the asian bug ever since they started showing meteor garden on tv! and since then it never stopped.. now i enjoy listening to asian music rather than the english songs. i do not understand most of the songs that i hear or the shows that i watch but i enjoy them..

i wanted to share my addictions because i would probably writing more about my asian addiction in this blog (starting off with my next entry)… so i better end this post so i can start on the next one