new year, new me :D

happy new year!

it’s been a while since i wrote on a blog (a real blog.. my own blog… multiply does not count!).  about 10 minutes ago i just had the sudden urge to create a new blog and make entries.  i’m not really sure why i did that but i figured for the next year i will be filling up this blog with entries (i hope :D)…  this will blog will be something that i will be doing to keep myself occupied.

another year has ended and another one has begun…

yes its 2009 and i absolutely have no idea what joke life will be playing on me this year. i hope life wouldn’t be that harsh (hey life, we’re friends aren’t we?). but i’m excited to know what’s in store for me next year.

though i do not know what life will be serving, these are the things that i am certain of next year:

1. I finally quit my job.. a job that i had for over 2 years now.. and yes i know what you’re thinking.. why quit now?? what about the crisis that the world is experiencing.. i really don’t care about what will happen to me… anywhere but there!

2. I will be enjoying the next year! we are planning to move on to another place far away from home.. we’ll actually we’re visiting my dad’s country, and hopefully we will be staying there for quite some time.

other than those two that i have mentioned i absolutely have no idea  what’s going to happen next year, i only hope i won’t tip over the boat that i am boarding!

wish me luck!